Wendy Williams Shoots (And Misses) Her Shot with Comedian Gary Owen

I’m all for shooting your shot, but Wendy Williams shot far too many times for Gary Owen, and judging by the video below, the man was desperate for an emergency exit.

Owen recently announced his divorce from longtime love Kenya Duke, who he often incorporated into his standup act. Wendy Williams made a shameless play for the newly single father-of-three proving that if it first you don’t succeed — try, try again…and again.

After watching there exchange in full, I did imagine what we might think if the gender roles were reversed given the endless amount of grief we still give David Letterman for often hitting on his female guests. In fact, Wendy took it a step further than flirtation, asking the comedian out on an official date, which is a lose lose situation. He clearly doesn’t want to go, but if he rejects her on air, he’ll seem mean.

It’s worth noting that I believe Gary has already moved on to a new relationship. I got a sense for these things.

Wendy Williams has on-air Meltdown: Cries About Son

Tim Gunn once said that if you stay too long in the monkey house, eventually you will stop smelling the shit. Such is the case for Wendy Williams, who is in need of a serious spa day to unwind outside the Hollywood insanity. Williams cried on the air about her teenage son who she feels hates her. It’s unclear in what world Williams think it’s appropriate to openly air her dirty laundry on national television, but perhaps she learned a thing or two from those ridiculous reality stars she often features on her show. Watch below.

Wendy Williams Interviews LeAnn Rimes — WATCH NOW

You gotta love Wendy Williams. The daytime diva asked LeAnn Rimes every question imaginable, including how her husband, Dean Sheremet, found out about her infidelity, her alleged emancipation from her parents, Brandi Glanville’s printed accusations, and whether she actually trusts her now spouse, Eddie Cibrian. LeAnn handled it well, and despite my dislike for the way she handled her divorce, she’s certainly been blasted enough to last a lifetime. Hopefully she’ll stop poking her husband’s ex-wife on twitter, and put this beast to bed like a grown up girl.

Vintage Clip of the Day — David Charvet Talks Pamela Anderson

I almost forgot that David Charvet dated Pamela Anderson in their ‘Baywatch days. They were together for two years, and they broke up shortly after Anderson joined ‘Baywatch,’ mostly because working together and living together put an excessive strain on their relationship. When Anderson appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ it didn’t occur to me that it could be uncomfortable for Burke, who is now married to Charvet. In the clip below, Wendy Williams got straight to the point, asking Burke how she felt about the constant on-air run-ins. Burke stayed classy and said it didn’t bother her, and Charvet stayed honest and said it was definitely awkward. Watch below.

Ali Landry Tells Wendy Williams Mario Lopez Cheated — GASP!

When Ali Landry filed for an annulment just two weeks after marrying Mario Lopez, people speculated he cheated on her. Neither party confirmed it, until Mario Lopez went on Howard Stern and basically said he only married Landry because he “was given an ultimatum.” He admitted to cheating, but he showed zero remorse. I always wondered why Landry didn’t take the opportunity to publicly bash him, because after all, what’s the point of being famous if you can’t bash your exes on national television? Apparently, Landry finally got the celebrity-memo, and she finally discussed her breakup with Wendy Williams. Watch below.

Teri Hatcher Tells Wendy Williams About Her Ryan Seacrest Date

Since Teri Hatcher is one of my favorite talk-show guests, I’m posting her very funny description of her date with Ryan Seacrest below. Hatcher told Wendy Williams that she and Seacrest were set up on a blind date by a friend who is now “off the blind date set-up list.” Yikes! To be fair, though — didn’t she know what she was getting into when she consented to the date? Or did her friend simply say, “I’m going to set you up with this really cheesy guy who hosts this really cheesy show?”
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It’s Time for Richard Simmons to Get a New Outfit

Remember my previous post about branding your image in Hollywood? I officially take that back. Richard Simmons has been wearing the same workout outfit for a gazillion years, and his appearance on Wendy Williams was no exception. He’s a bit of a cartoon character, and since I’ve seen him actually make some good points in interviews, I find it off-putting that he is perpetuating this goof-ball shtick. I’m not advising him to act like Dan Rather, but it’s just getting old. Plus, whenever I see any man (no matter how good looking) in running shorts, I seriously want to vomit. Is there any outfit less flattering?