Donald Trump NOT Running For President — SHOCKER!

Did anyone actually think that Donald Trump was serious about running for President? The most surprising thing about this entire debacle is that news outlets actually took the time to report his antics. I take that back. The most surprising thing is that President Obama actually released his birth certificate, as per Trump’s recommendation. What’s next? Will Richard Simmons run for President and demand that Obama run around in little shorts?

It’s Time for Richard Simmons to Get a New Outfit

Remember my previous post about branding your image in Hollywood? I officially take that back. Richard Simmons has been wearing the same workout outfit for a gazillion years, and his appearance on Wendy Williams was no exception. He’s a bit of a cartoon character, and since I’ve seen him actually make some good points in interviews, I find it off-putting that he is perpetuating this goof-ball shtick. I’m not advising him to act like Dan Rather, but it’s just getting old. Plus, whenever I see any man (no matter how good looking) in running shorts, I seriously want to vomit. Is there any outfit less flattering?