Am I Too Old for ‘The Real World’ or Does it Just Suck Now?

MTV’s The Real World has been deteriorating for years, and I often wonder if my new hatred for the show has to do with my age.  Perhaps I’m outside their target demographic, and I no longer find drunken fighting endearing?  But just before I sink into a self-loathing depression, I remind myself that I love Jersey Shore!  After all, nothing pleased me more than watching Snooki roll around on the floor in over-sized slippers while trying to punch Angelina in the face.  When Jersey Shore became popular, the cast of The Real World tweeted angry statements about how they weren’t invited to an MTV awards show and the Jersey Shore crew was.  Gee, I wonder why they weren’t invited?   There’s a simple answer here.  The cast of The Real World has sucked since Las Vegas, and no one wants to watch a bunch of soul-less neanderthals clean their toilet with their roommate’s toothbrush.  And I’m not the only person to think this.  The ratings have been steadily declining, and yet MTV is sticking with their ludicrous casting formula. So good luck, Real World.  Your tired franchise can only last so long.

One thought on “Am I Too Old for ‘The Real World’ or Does it Just Suck Now?”

  1. wow Asshole!!! i think that the Real World Las Vegas team is an awesome group of people coming n trying to find themselves! And u can see these people finding them selves by working thru situations if u watch the show… People r people and I gotta say this group of people is very down to earth and makes me actually want to go on the real world but i guess I’m too old now DAMNIT!! LOL

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