Julianna Margulies Talks ‘The Good Wife’ Feud: Archie Responds

Despite vigorous efforts by CBS and Juliana Margulies to squash feud rumors, the drama won’t die, and Margulies just added fuel to the fire. In an interview with Vulture, Margulies brushed off any bad blood with Archie Panjabi, saying, the decision to film her last scene with her costar via green screen was simply due to scheduling conflicts, as Panjabi was already committed to another show. For viewers that don’t know, the costars have avoided appearing on screen together for multiple seasons, and the audience has often suggested that their mutual dislike is responsible. Though Margulies wants to keep it quiet, Panjabi was less than pleased with her comment, insisting she was ready to film and no such scheduling conflict existed. While I understand the desire to avoid a public display of displeasure, I can’t help but think it’s extremely unprofessional to let personal problems impact a show’s story. 

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