Sarah Silverman Drops Jimmy Kimmel Bombshell on Howard Stern

Sarah Silverman visits Jimmy Kimmel The news of Sarah Silverman’s Howard Stern interview is largely focused on the revelation that Louis C.K. used to masturbate in front of her WITH her consent. She chalked it up to mutual freakdom and thought nothing of it, but she made it clear that because they were both up-and-coming at the time, there was no objectionable power dynamic that blurred consent. While that’s certainly interesting, I’m far more intrigued by her more subtle revelation about Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel and Silverman dated for approximately five years following his first marriage. They have since remained friends, with Silverman often appearing on Kimmel’s late night show to promote her projects. I’ve long been baffled by this relationship, assuming it’s either the healthiest or unhealthiest ex-file imaginable. For starters, I don’t speak to my exes. That is less about bad blood than lack of interest, but if those two crazy kids found a way, good for them. Second, Kimmel married a woman he knew during his relationship with Silverman, which is my personal nightmare, and it has to sting. In fact, on a previous interview with Stern, Silverman said she was shocked when she learned of his new relationship, saying “never in her wildest dreams” did she imagine Kimmel would date his head writer let alone marry her. And now for the bombshell . . .

Though Silverman has always insisted she did not want children, she admitted that she now questions her choice, and that she finally drew a line in the sand when Jimmy Kimmel insensitively sent her pictures of his children with new wife Molly McNearney. She told him that he is basically sending her photos of the children he said he would NEVER have with her. So does this mean that Kimmel ate up Silverman’s baby-making years and she stayed with him because she thought he was her soul mate? And why did he reject children with her but agree to them with Molly? Again — a personal nightmare. To quote Carrie Bradshaw, “I broke him in and someone else gets to ride him.”

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