Sarah Silverman Drops Jimmy Kimmel Bombshell on Howard Stern

Sarah Silverman visits Jimmy Kimmel The news of Sarah Silverman’s Howard Stern interview is largely focused on the revelation that Louis C.K. used to masturbate in front of her WITH her consent. She chalked it up to mutual freakdom and thought nothing of it, but she made it clear that because they were both up-and-coming at the time, there was no objectionable power dynamic that blurred consent. While that’s certainly interesting, I’m far more intrigued by her more subtle revelation about Jimmy Kimmel.

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Mindy Kaling’s Crop Top is not “Courageous”


“It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman.”

Mindy Kaling visited Jimmy Kimmel and gave one of the most honest interviews I’ve ever seen on television. Kaling addressed the many bloggers who deliver backhanded compliments about her weight, calling her “courageous” for wearing a crop top and insisting that she “doesn’t subscribe to the ideals of beauty that other people do.” Kimmel kindly empathized, noting that others are constantly commenting on his weight. Watch below.