Hollywood Biopic Alert: Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fischer?

As I explained in my earlier post, Hollywood biopics are on the rise. Now, it appears that Tobey Maguire will play Bobby Fischer, in a movie tentatively titled ‘Pawn Sacrifice,’ about Fischer’s 1972 victory over Boris Spassky. For some reason, this is the only biopic that interests me.

Red Carpet Fashion: Elle Style Awards

Love it or hate it, here is some of the fashion from the ELLE Style Awards. The ELLE style awards is an awards show hosted annually by ELLE magazine. It’s basically an excuse to get a bunch of celebrities in a room together to promote ELLE. It’s also an excuse for me to look at some fashion picks!

Hollywood Biopic Alert: Matt Damon as RFK

Matt Damon is set to play Robert F. Kennedy in a new biopic. Hollywood biopics seem to be on the rise lately. I first reported about DiCaprio playing Sinatra, and then Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor. So why the influx of biopics? They don’t cost a lot to make and they are easy to promote, as everyone will pretty much already know what the film is about. This will be the second attempt at an RFK movie in recent years. Remember 2006’s ‘Bobby‘?

John Corbett Won’t be Returning to Sex and the City

I find that fans of Sex and the City are usually evenly divided between their love for Mr. Big and their love for Aiden. Personally, I am a Mr. Big fan. So the news that Aiden won’t be in the sequel doesn’t upset me that much. It does upset John Corbett though, who stated that he would “love to return.” His return could make an interesting story line though.

Die Hard 5 . . . a go?

Bruce Willis said in a recent interview that he wants to do Die Hard 5 next year. I am sort of excited about this news. I love the first three Die Hard movies. I thought Die Hard 4; however, was sub-par. It was so flooded with CGI that it took away from the true grit of the original Die Hard movies. Willis wants to use the same director from Die Hard 4 for the 5th film. I’d go see it no matter what.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Die Hard 5′ Could Shoot Next Year, Story Could ‘Go Worldwide,’ Bruce Willis Says » MTV Movies Blog

The Hollywood Scandal: Mel Gibson & Roman Polanski

Both Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski are the subject of scandal. While Roman Polanski’s new film, ‘The Ghost Writer,’ is successful, Mel Gibson’s new film, ‘The Edge of Darkness,’ is not. So why is the public seemingly willing to forgive Polanski and not Gibson? Because no one actually believes that Mel Gibson is contrite. Despite his ridiculous apologies, people still think that he is an anti-semite. Watch the clip of Gibson below. When he says “do you have a dog in this fight,” he is asking the reporter if he is Jewish. Hmm…

Adam Lambert is a Giant A-Hole

I don’t understand why artists in the industry feel that it is necessary to insult other artists. In a recent interview, Lambert said that Susan Boyle’s album is “terrible.” He said that he was “crying with laughter” when he heard ‘Wild Horses.’ The irony is that Lambert’s album is horrible (I was a huge fan of his on American Idol by the way). Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. Is that how the saying goes? Maybe it should be – don’t be a giant a-hole. If you have any doubt as to how bad his album is, listen to a song below. I have also posted ‘Wild Horses’ by Susan Boyle so you can judge for yourself.