Lacey Schwimmer and Jonathan Roberts Won’t be Returning to Dancing With the Stars

Lacey and Jonathan are out. Why? My guess is that the show cut them. How do I know this? All the dancers get word whether they are wanted for the next season around the same time, and Lacey and Jonathan’s departure was announced the same time that the other dancers announced their return. If they left on their own accord, I think it would have been announced much earlier. The good news is that my favorites, Cheryl Burke and Derek Hough, will be returning.

‘Devo’ is Planning a Comeback

When I mention the name ‘Devo,’ I’m sure you are scratching your head wondering who I am talking about. Click on the link below and it will all come back to you! The band is set to perform at the Winter Olympics, as the beginning of their planned comeback. The new album is set for release in May, because focus groups (instead of the band) will pick the track list. Why? Well, they consider themselves the wave of the future, and this is an “art experiment.”

Devo Video

Fashion at the BAFTA Awards

The BAFTA Awards, the UK equivalent to the Oscars, happened on Sunday, and I am sure that there were many newsworthy events. For now, I only care about the fashion. Here are some pictures from the ceremony. Can someone explain to me why Kristen Stewart always looks miserable in pictures?

[From top to bottom: Carey Mulligan; Kristen Stewart; Claire Danes; Gabourey Sidibe; Kate Winslet; Kathryn Bigelow; Anna Kendrick; Guy Pearce

‘The Secret of Kells’ – The Little Animated Film that Could

I never heard of this film until now. In fact, it is nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, and it has not been released in the United States yet. It premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and is set for a small release on March 19. Watch the trailer below. It looks great and it’s getting great reviews.

New ‘American Pie’ Franchise in the Works

Universal Studios is reinvigorating their American Pie franchise. It is in the beginning stages, so there is no word on whether they will try and get the original actors or completely start over with new actors. Here’s my guess: they’ll find new actors and set it in high school, and they will try and get as many of the original actors as possible to play supporting roles. We will see . . .

Jay-Z Does Not Like ‘We Are the World’ Remake

I find this hilarious, especially since Lady Gaga got so much flak for not wanting to participate in the remake. Jay-Z said that some things are better left untouched, and that a new song should have been written for Haiti relief instead. I tend to agree. In fact, it was recently voted one of the worst charity music videos of all time. At least it was successful though. It sold 267,000 downloads in three days. Watch the original video and the remake below.

Jennifer Lopez Will Make an Appearance on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Is there any medium that Jennifer Lopez cannot do? Dance, television, movies, music, etc . . . Lopez will appear on a March 8th episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ as a self-help guru with a crush on Neil Patrick Harris.