Is Drake Disgusted by Madonna? Singer Says No

Apparently Drake missed the Madonna memo about looking enticed by her sexual advances. Here’s a quick recap of the raucous events: Madonna crashed Drake’s Coachella set, sang two songs, and ended with her tongue down his throat. Drake winced when complete, with a priceless expression exuding disgust. Drake later blamed her lipstick for his look of pain, which is probably true considering every single Madonna move is carefully choreographed, including any on-stage kiss. Translation? Drakes a douchebag who messed up the moment. As for Madonna, she took in stride, later saying, “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. B—- you’re a fan.” Watch below.

Lindsay Lohan’s Life Coach Quits — OWN

We are all intrinsic voyeurs, and while there’s a large part of us that wants to see people fail, there’s also a large part of us that wants to see people succeed. My guess is that Oprah has the latter affliction. She employed Lindsay Lohan for a “docu-series” shortly after Lindsay exited rehab, and though her intentions were pure, this was a poor decision all around. First, Lindsay should have lead a low-key life as she transitioned back to normalcy and sobriety. Second, the show has only served to prove all of Lindsay’s character failings. She yells at her staff, she cancels shoots at the expense of production, she lies on camera, and lastly, she throws temperamental fits like a spoiled child with stunted development. Her entire entourage enables her antics, and I’m guessing she’ll spend herself into bankruptcy pretty soon. Make no mistake. I know she’s an addict, and many addicts will relapse for years before finally staying sober. But given that Lindsay Lohan is spending the weekend at Coachella, my uneducated guess is that she’s not on the road to a successful turnaround. Sorry, Oprah. Watch a clip below.

Rihanna Deletes Coachella Photo Amidst Drug Accusations

While some might consider Coachella a music festival, it’s really just an excuse for douchey celebrities to pretend they’re cool by wearing ridiculous outfits with really big sunglasses. One such celebrity is Rihanna, who posted a picture of herself cutting up powder on her bodyguard’s head. When she received a predictable backlash for the drug implications, she deleted the picture and wrote an unexplained message, saying, “PATHETIC C*NTZ.” Right, cause that’s cool. Good job, Rihanna. Perhaps you should post more pictures of your gun tattoo also. It’s good for the kids.