Anderson Cooper Takes on Donald Trump — Cooper’s a Bad-Ass

Anderson Cooper took on Donald Trump to debunk Trump’s ridiculous theory that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, and I’d encourage you to watch the video below to confirm that Anderson Cooper is a bad-ass.  I originally thought that Trump’s claims aren’t worthy of a hard-news interview, but then I realized that Donald Trump’s ridiculous assertions are potentially damaging.  His fame puts him in a position of power, and the more he makes the talk-show circuits professing that Obama is not an American citizen, the more likely he is to influence weak-minded people that are aching to believe this.  I’ve always loved Donald Trump, mostly because I’m a huge Celebrity Apprentice fan, and because he’s Howard Stern’s best guest.  That being said, I now officially hate him.  To quote President Obama, he’s nothing but a “carnival barker.”

UPDATE: Obama released his birth certificate, and Trump took credit.


Star Jones on Joy Behar — No More Bad Blood?

Star Jones appeared on Joy Behar’s HLN show to promote her new book, Satan’s Sisters, and I was shocked to discover that she appeared agreeable and friendly. I’ve been picking on Star Jones a lot lately, mostly due to her poor behavior on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I was also shocked to discover that this interview took place at all. Star left The View in a very dramatic fashion, disclosing to the press that she was “fired” and announcing her departure before the producers had originally planned. Translation? — She pissed everyone off. Since then, she’s apparently become PR savvy, because everyone knows if you want to clear your image, you return to the scene of the crime. Since she’s likely banned from The View for eternity, Joy Behar’s show is the next best step. Watch the interview below.

Dear Donald Trump — Stop Casting Reality Stars on Your Reality Show

The new cast of Celebrity Apprentice has been announced, and I’m disappointed. Though it might be interesting to if Richard Hatch (Survivor) and NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) can actually make intelligent business decisions, I’m sick of reality shows recycling reality stars. These shows basically provide a mosh-pit of recycled fame-whores that are looking to extend their fifteen minutes of fame to twenty minutes. Keep in mind that I’m not a realty-television-hater, but there’s a lot of people in the industry who were actually famous for a talent, and who are looking to resurrect their career. Those are the people who should be selected. Forgive me if I don’t want to see the douchey Jake Pavelka on Dancing With the Stars.

It’s Official: The Apprentice Needs Celebrities

I’m unsure who the culprit is at NBC who thought it was a good idea to return to Trump’s original Apprentice format, but they might be in the midst of a stern tongue-lashing.  The Non-Celebrity Apprentice (my title, not NBC’s) aired to horrific ratings on Thursday, with just 4.5 million viewers.  Why?  Because no one cares anymore about non-celebrities on reality television.  When The Apprentice originally aired, it was a success because of  the gimmick format.  Once people got used to it, they got tired of the show.  The celebrity format resurrected it, because the public is actually interested in whether celebrities can rub two brain cells together.  And with Bret Michaels’ surprise capability last season (i.e. he can actually make smart business choices that don’t involve how to avoid herpes from slutty hookers on Rock of Love), I’m surprised the producers returned to the original style.  Good job, guys.

Donald Trump Asks his Celebrity Panel if They Think Rod Blagojevich is Guilty

Say what you want about Donald Trump, the man has a sense of humor. On tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’  finale, he asked Rod Blagojevich if he thinks that the show helped or hurt him. Blagojevich began his predictable, long monologue of innocence, and when he was finished, Trump stared at him for a moment and then asked: “Show of hands, who here thinks Rod is guilty?”  Everyone laughed, which led Trump to ask it again, this time telling them all he wanted a serious answer.  Aside from Bret Michaels’ triumphant return to television, that was my favorite moment.