Andy Cohen’s Joan Rivers Tribute — WATCH NOW

Of all the Joan Rivers tributes circling the web, the Watch What Happens Live montage below got me the most. Rivers visited Andy Cohen’s clubhouse on numerous occasions, showing her sharp wit, comedic timing, and sweet soul. Watch to see a great mash-up of material, along with Rivers’ take on returning to The Tonight Show after 28 years, courtesy of the great Jimmy Fallon who finally broke the infamous Johnny Carson ban.

George Lopez Canceled — Is it Conan’s Fault?

I feel bad for George Lopez. The guy had a moderately successful show, and then Conan’s late night debacle forced him into a new time-slot. At the time, he was supportive, assuming that a great lead-in could only help his ratings. Unfortunately, Conan didn’t deliver his expected audience numbers, and George Lopez suffered. But when you look at the big picture, here’s the nutshell summary — Conan did to George what Jay did to Conan. Sure Conan likely asked for George’s permission when he joined TBS, but in the end, he still hurt Lopez’s numbers. It’s not my style to pick on Conan O’Brien. I used to be such a huge fan of his show. But he should have stayed in his original time-slot. He was chasing after the dream of “being the next Johnny Carson,” and that arbitrary goal got in the way of pragmatic decision-making. Now he’s suffering. And furthermore — he should have gone to Fox instead of TBS.

Bill Carter is Working on a Sequel to ‘The Late Shift’

If you’ve never read a book by Bill Carter, it’s time to start.  I just finished reading ‘Desperate Networks,’ which kept me in solitary confinement for the past week because I couldn’t put it down.  Carter is most famous for penning ‘The Late Shift,’ which chronicled the very ugly Leno/Letterman transition of ‘The Tonight Show’ when Johnny Carson left.  So I naturally wondered if he is going to write another book about the Leno/Conan debacle, and I am happy to report that it is in the works.  Carter told the New York Times that he is trying to get the book out as “as soon as [he] can,” and he is “reaching out to all sides” so that he has an unbiased point of view.