Ed O’Neill Didn’t Recognize Britney Spears


Celebrities are often asked to take photographs for social media and some, like Louis C.K., will refuse. Others will simply comply with a curmudgeon attitude, which seems to be the method of ‘Modern Family’ star Ed O’Neill. To be fair, he was catching a flight and his irritated resting face is what we love about him. Watch as he retells a very funny story about learning it was Britney Spears who asked to take the photo.

Sofia Vergara Exchanges Vows: See Wedding Photos

The story of Sofia Vergara and Joe Mangienello’s romance starts with her ‘Modern Family’ costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who set them up. According to Jesse, Joe asked for Sofia’s number immediately after hearing she ended her relationship with her former fiance, Nick Loeb. Sofia rejected the request, insisting she wasn’t yet ready to date again, but Joe insisted. She finally relented, and told Joe during their first conversation that her ex’s body “wasn’t even cold yet.” Apparently, the man knew what he wanted, and he got it. See pictures from her wedding below, starting with a beautiful photo with her son Manolo, who she named after actor Steven Bauer’s character in 1983’s Scarface.









All photos courtesy of Sofia Vergara, Instagram
All photos courtesy of Sofia Vergara, Instagram

Modern Family at The Paley Center — Hilarity Ensues

Modern family is by far my favorite scripted show on television. It’s funny, it’s witty, and to quote an audience member at The Paley Center, the writers “write up” to their audience and not “down to” them. When the cast members discussed their show at the 2012 PaleyFest, you could immediately understand its success. These actors have the same chemistry in real life that they do on television. It’s a huge gift that they are even willing to attend such an event and let the audience in on the show’s process. Watch below.

Lea Michele Responds to Sarah Hyland — Admits She’s Humorless

Though I’ve heard from numerous inside sources in Hollywood that Lea Michelle isn’t exactly the “friendliest,” I generally try to give actors the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps my sources caught her in a bad mood or interacted with her at the end of an extremely long work day? But given Michele’s recent behavior toward Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, I’m starting to believe these sources. When Highland hilariously made fun of Michele’s exaggerated red carpet poses for E!’s ‘Fashion Police,’ Michele refused to take the knock in stride, saying, “I gotta be honest. It hurt my feelings a little bit. I really think the message of today is that women should motivate and empower women . . . .” Call me insensitive, but I’m really sick of this “women should empower other women” line. First, it’s a jab disguised as the “high road.” Second, women will never empower other women. We are intrinsically catty, so no need to waste your breath on the vain hope for change. And lastly — when someone makes fun of you for something that you can control — it’s funny. Get a sense of humor and brush it off. Click the link below to watch the video in question.
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Ty Burrell’s Emmy Speech — Heartbreaking and Funny

Modern Family is unequivocally the best comedy on television. In fact, I might say it’s the best comedy since Seinfeld. I was thrilled to see Ty Burrell’s Emmy win, because he’s deserving and seemingly humble. His speech was moving, and I like that he inserted jokes amongst the heartbreaking truth that his father never lived to see his success. Congratulations, Ty Burrell.

Ed O’Neill Insults Jane Lynch’s Emmy Award — Is Scrooge Here Early?

Can someone please explain to me why celebrities need to be complete assholes and insult other celebrities?  Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill recently said, “I love Jane, honestly I do . . . but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part.  [Sue Sylvester] is just a one-note character.”  So who put the stick in O’Neill’s ass, and why did he feel the need to gratuitously insult Lynch (who I have on very good authority is one of the nicest women in the business)?  Here’s my educated guess: Ryan Murphy (the creator of Glee) recently insulted Modern Family for their portrayal of the gay couple on the show, saying it’s ridiculous that the two men never kiss.  Modern Family creators were pissed at Murphy for his statements, though they suspiciously executed a gay kiss shortly thereafter.  Perhaps O’Neill wants to keep the war going, and therefore decided to take a dig at Glee?  Oh yeah — and Sofia Vargera lost the Emmy to Jane Lynch.