Lady Gaga Appears on Larry King – And Dresses Like Him (Video)

Lady Gaga is hilarious.  She interviewed with Larry King, and she chose to copy his style of dressing for the interview.  She was wearing a big tie with suspenders!  What makes this even better, is that Gaga did the same thing when she interviewed with Barbara Walters.  Perez Hilton appeared on ‘The View’ and confirmed Gaga’s intention after Walters told him that she didn’t expect Gaga to dress so conservatively in the interview.  “She told me she was dressing like you,” Perez told Walters (who seemed rather flustered at the revelation).  Watch the clip below to see what I’m talking about, and scroll through the second clip to see the Barbara Walters interview.

The Women of Sex and the City on The View (video)

I just stumbled on this interview and I had to post it.  This is one of my favorite promotional interviews for the movie, because the women actually say some real, down to earth things, instead of all the “we’re so grateful for our success” crap.  Kim Cattrall is my favorite.  I’ve never seen her this open in an interview.  She says some pretty revealing things while still keeping it light.  I posted the full show, so go to the eight minute mark to start the interview.

Erin Andrews Responds to Elizabeth Hasselbeck: "That Bitch Never Called"

Erin Andrews responded to Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s tearful apology on ‘The View.’ In case you missed it, Hasselbeck said that she took the advice of her five year old daughter and called Andrews to ask forgiveness for basically saying that she’s a slut – followed by a reference to her stalker.  Well, Andrews calls bull-shit.  She said that she never spoke to Hasselbeck.  Andrews was admittedly angry about the initial comments, stating that she cried when she heard it.  She said that her biggest complaint is that Hasselbeck “made a mockery of something [she’s] lived through this last year.”  She felt like it was a “slap in the face for victims of stalkers and victims of sexual predators.”  This isn’t the first time that Hasselbeck has been called out for lying on ‘The View.’  When she and Rosie O’Donnell had their infamous fight, Hasselbeck claimed that they spoke and made up.  O’Donnell refuted the claims, saying that even though Hasselbeck called her house, she didn’t answer the phone and the two never talked.  Watch Hasselbeck’s apology below.

Barbara Walters is Having Heart Surgery – Watch her Announcement

Barbara Walters announced she is having heart surgery on ‘The View.’  I’m posting the clip because I am a huge Babs fan, so I’ll be devastated to see her absent from the panel.  The only entertaining part of the clip below, is the annoying inquisition from her fellow panelists about everything under the sun.  Didn’t they brief the ladies on not asking The Queen a bazillion questions? 

Shobian Magnus Eliminated on ‘American Idol’ – I’m not Surprised

I am watching ‘American Idol’ this season for the same reason I slow my car down when I see an accident on the side of the road.  The show is horrible.  If you’re shocked that Siobhan was sent home, I think you can blame it on the viewers’ apathy toward just about every contestant.  The judges picked a terrible top 32, and now we are forced to pick the best of the worst.  The fact that Simon isn’t acknowledging the issue surprises me.  All I ask is that we reserve our feigned shock about this elimination to get to the heart of the issue – the show is simply unwatchable and there is no one to root for.  Watch below to hear the song that she got eliminated for, and judge for yourself.

Brendan Fraser Has Major Spaz Out on ‘The View’

Something is seriously up with Brendan Fraser.  He appeared on ‘The View’ to promote his new movie, and he seemed nuts.  At one point he admitted to drinking a lot of red bull, which might explain it.  I think it’s time to lay off the uppers.  Watch a clip below.

Nigel Lythgoe Says he’d Replace all the Judges on ‘American Idol"

In an interview with zap2it, former ‘Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe said that he’d get rid of the current ‘Idol’ judging panel and replace it with Paula Abdul, Elton John, and Usher.  I say chuck the show altogether, but that’s neither here nor there.  Can everyone stop suggesting Elton John as a judge?  Yes he’s clearly a talented musician, but have we all forgotten that he accused America of racism when three black women (Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino, and LaToya London) had the least amount of votes?  All three women encompassed the same powerhouse singing style and so they split the vote, which is something that apparently never occurred to Elton John.  In fact, he was recently on ‘The View’ and repeated this six year old theory again.  Needless to say, I don’t think he’d be a good judge.

Donald Trump is Still Talking About Rosie O’Donnell

Did Rosie O’Donnell kill his first born child and we don’t know about it?  When asked about Rosie’s return to television, Trump called her a “loser,” and a “failure.”  This feud all began when Rosie mocked Trump on ‘The View.’  While it’s true that Rosie started it, I’m not sure that Trump needs to keep it going.  I speculate that something happened between them prior to Rosie insulting him on ‘The View,’ and it was never made public.  That’s the only thing I can think of that would merit this level of animosity.  Otherwise, he might need to attend some serious therapy.  Watch Rosie throwing the alleged first punch below.  

Gabourey Sidibe’s Mother Tells Howard Stern to "Get a Life"

Howard Stern has been in hot water recently about some comments he made about Gabourey Sidibe’s weight.  Many celebrities have responded to his comments, including Jessica Simpson and the women of ‘The View.’  Now Gabourey’s mother has come forward, saying he should “get a life.”  I listened to his show that day, and though I thought his comments crossed the line, I did not anticipate such a media frenzy.  Hear him respond to the criticism below.     

Real World Alum Sean Duffy is Running for Congress

About ten years ago, when The Real World was still watchable, The Real World Boston’s Sean Duffy met The Real World San Francisco’s Rachel Campos, and they went on to have lots and lots of babies together. Sean Duffy became a District Attorney, and Rachel Campos made some appearances on The View. Now, Sean Duffy is running for Congress. Do I want him to get elected? Um…of course…he was on The Real World!! See Rachel Campos on The View below.