Can Celebrities Stop Taking Naked Pictures While Pregnant?

When Annie Leibovitz photographed Demi Moore’s naked and pregnant body for the cover of the 1991 Vanity Fair magazine, it was considered an artistic masterpiece.  It was a feminist statement, which told women everywhere that they could be both beautiful and pregnant at the same time.  Plus, it was original.  Annie Leibovitz is a fantastic photographer because of her unique creative vision.  Since that shot, photographers and celebrities everywhere have copied the idea, and every woman under the sun poses naked while pregnant.  It’s not that I don’t love a naked, pregnant body –it’s that I don’t love copycats, and it’s time to retire the idea.  To see what I mean, click the links below.

Christina Aguilera Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Miranda Kerr Pregnant

Monica Belluci Pregnant

Cindy Crawford Pregnant