Mark Paul Gosselaar Gets NAKED! See the PITCH Photos Now

FOX’s new show ‘Pitch’ about the first female Major League Baseball pitcher is the perfect show for today’s climate, and they took things to a new level with one of the most genius marketing moves yet. The cast got naked! In response to a storyline about how their star player’s naked photos from her ex-boyfriend’s computer would be released to the masses, her team united with their own, approved naked photos to take the heat out of the story. That plan works in real life too, because who doesn’t want to see Mark Paul Gosselaar naked? See the delightful photos below.

Can Celebrities Stop Taking Naked Pictures While Pregnant?

When Annie Leibovitz photographed Demi Moore’s naked and pregnant body for the cover of the 1991 Vanity Fair magazine, it was considered an artistic masterpiece.  It was a feminist statement, which told women everywhere that they could be both beautiful and pregnant at the same time.  Plus, it was original.  Annie Leibovitz is a fantastic photographer because of her unique creative vision.  Since that shot, photographers and celebrities everywhere have copied the idea, and every woman under the sun poses naked while pregnant.  It’s not that I don’t love a naked, pregnant body –it’s that I don’t love copycats, and it’s time to retire the idea.  To see what I mean, click the links below.

Christina Aguilera Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Miranda Kerr Pregnant

Monica Belluci Pregnant

Cindy Crawford Pregnant

W Magazine Responds to Kim Kardashian’s Naked Tears: “But It’s Art!”

When Kim Kardashian posed naked for W Magazine, I, along with many other bloggers, called her a hypocrite.  She previously said she regretted her Playboy shoot, so I found it ridiculous that she would pose naked again, in an even more revealing shoot.  In the tearful video below, you’ll see that Kim actually thought the pictures would be covered with artwork, and she didn’t anticipate that her ass-crack or nipples would be shown.  If it’s true that W Magazine lied to her, I have no idea why she didn’t openly denounce the magazine at the time, given the bad press surrounding the shoot.  So is W Magazine really just a shady man that lies to a woman to get her clothes off?  The short answer is yes.  In a recent statement, the magazine called the shoot an “artistic collaboration,” which is a “meditation on the influence reality TV has on contemporary culture.”   I have no idea what that means, but I’ll try to translate.  Here goes — “W Magazine wanted to sell more issues, and there’s no better way to achieve that than to get Kim Kardashian completely naked while covered with silver body paint.  Sure she said she wanted her ass-crack covered, so we lied and said we’d do it.  Isn’t it hysterical that she fell for it?”