Harry Styles Visits Howard Stern: Talks 1D, Taylor Swift, and Getting Robbed

Harry Styles stopped by Howard Stern for an in-depth interview, and if you weren’t a fan before, you should be now. Styles handled himself with incredible grace, proving that being young and famous isn’t necessarily a recipe for insanity. Composed and self-assured, he politely addressed Zayn Malik’s abrupt exit from One Direction, his industry inexperience during his rise on ‘X Factor,’ Taylor Swift writing a song about him, and his bold fashion choices.

Though I’d love to tell you his new album ‘Fine Line’ is as good as his interview —it sadly falls short. The sound quality/musicianship coupled with his voice is excellent, but the songs are simply not strong. I’d guess that with each record, his sound will improve. He’s still young.

Listen to his full interview below, along with his excellent cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” Kudos to Styles for employing many female musicians (Sarah Jones is an excellent drummer) and for avoiding any and all shade traps from Stern.

Zayn Malik Exits One Direction: *End Scene*

Amidst allegations of cheating and an emotional breakdown, One Direction’s Zayn Malik has chosen to leave the band. While most onlookers might suggest that the man ride the wave until he has FULLY drowned, Malik has apparently had enough, claiming he’d like to live a normal, 22 year old life. Cheers to a kid that wants privacy. He’s likely made enough money to live comfortably for eternity. Here’s hoping he saves it though. No one wants to see him turn into Bret Michaels on VH1 chasing former Poison pussy.

Kristin Wiig Impersonates Harry Styles on Fallon — WATCH NOW


Though Jimmy Fallon might lack Jay Leno’s monologue mastery, he’s certainly superior in the sketch department. As a Saturday Night Live alum, Fallon knows how to keep it fresh, often asking his former cast mates for creative appearances on his show. Kristen Wiig captured the night with a horrible Harry Styles impression, which was so confusingly bad it was good. Click below to see Wiig chuck the English accent in favor of her own. Plus, she “sang.” Enjoy!


Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles at the VMAs — Thanks Him for Her Moon Man

If Taylor Swift isn’t careful, she’s going to end up a Bitter Betty in a very shallow dating pool. While accepting her 2013 VMA for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,” Swift said, “I also wanna thank the person who inspired this song who knows exactly who he is because, now I got one of these.” Hasn’t it been months since she split with Harry Styles, and didn’t they date for all of two minutes? When Harry Styles is asked about Swift, he’s unconditionally complimentary, despite her smear campaign. Why must her jabs be so literal? Perhaps she should take notes from Carly Simon, whose “You’re so vain” subject is still in contention. And given that she also mouthed, “Shut the fu*k up,” during their acceptance speech, I’d implore her to up her class factor quickly.