Sarah Jessica Parker Insists that She and Kim Cattrall Don’t Hate Each Other

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s new interview with Marie Claire, she was asked the invetiable question.  Is it true that she and Kim Cattrall hate each other?  No, insists Parker.  So why the rumors?  “Because the press has to put women in these boxes,” says Parker.  “Rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful.”  While it’s true that the press is filled with some blood sucking maggots, this particular rumor happens to have some merit.  There was a time when the ‘Sex and the City’ film was shelved, and Kim Cattrall was to supposedly to blame.  In fact, Kristin Davis admitted on Letterman that everyone was on board for the original film except one person.  Cattrall’s camp even released statements to the press that she had no interest in doing the film.  Cattrall said that she turned it down because “the timing wasn’t right.”  Though I’m guessing she was either offered more money or she realized that it was probably a good career move to continue the franchise. 

‘The City’ Spoiler – Olivia is "Dead"

Yes I am aware that I am loading my website up with spoilers, much to the dismay of some of my readers who hate them.  The good news?  I love them, and here at justTHEdish I get to do what I love.  Tonight’s episode of ‘The City’ looks especially juicy, with Kelly Cutrone’s proclamation that Olivia Palermo is “dead.”  It looks like Olivia is pissed that Erin circumvented her attempt to shun Whitney from Elle, so she refuses to interview her for Elle online.  That leads Erin to confess to Whitney that Olivia never liked her line.  This show sure is juicy!

‘Glee’ Spoiler – Who is Puck’s New Love Interest?

You have to hand it to the ‘Glee’ writers.  They’ve managed to execute every possible love combination on the show.  Judging from the clip below, it looks like Puck’s got the hots for “the black girl from Glee Club whose name [he] can’t remember.”  I found that humor a little offensive, but I’m admittedly an uptight prick.  Watch the clip to see what sparks Puck’s interest. 

Christina Aguilera Performs on Oprah – Watch the Video

Christina Aguilera performed her new single on Oprah, ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ and the irony is that it’s the same old Christina Aguilera.  Is it me or does she sing every song exactly the same way?  We know you have a good voice, you don’t have to show it off every other note.  She takes every song and trills to the point of destroying any semblance of the original melody.  We know that when you started in the business you were being compared to all those lip-syncing pop stars and felt you had something to prove to set yourself apart.  Stop and take a look around – those days are gone.  Just sing it straight for goodness sakes! 

Julianne Hough is Returning to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

I think Julianne Hough finally got the memo.  When you want to break into country music, performing (even as a dancer) on the biggest show on television might help you out a little.  Julianne quit the show because she wanted to be taken more seriously as a country music singer, and now she’s coming back.  The last time we saw her on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ she was dancing with her then boyfriend Chuck Wicks.  They have since broken up.  I’m guessing that DWTS will pair her up with the fattest, oldest celebrity just to punish her a little. 

Barbara Walters is Having Heart Surgery – Watch her Announcement

Barbara Walters announced she is having heart surgery on ‘The View.’  I’m posting the clip because I am a huge Babs fan, so I’ll be devastated to see her absent from the panel.  The only entertaining part of the clip below, is the annoying inquisition from her fellow panelists about everything under the sun.  Didn’t they brief the ladies on not asking The Queen a bazillion questions? 

Cyndi Lauper Exits the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in Style

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ it’s that Cyndi Lauper is one fierce biatch! She was “fired” by Donald Trump even though she received the most compliments from the executives. But that didn’t keep her from exiting the show with grace and integrity (hear that Melissa Rivers?). She clearly has a heart of gold, and she was certainly the most compelling celebrity on the show. Watch her exit interview below.

Gossip Girl Spoiler – See a Clip From the Finale

The Gossip Girl finale is less than a week away, and I cannot wait.  Watch a clip below to get a taste of the final episode.  Mike Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly confirms that it will have all of the following plot details: a shooting; a departure; a threesome; an engagement ring; and a birth.  Oh and did I mention the “plot twist.”  Keep the guesses coming.