Blog Daily Roundup

  • Party of Five’s Jeremy London was kidnapped and forced to do drugs.  [Radar Online]
  • Eminem supports gay marriage.  [The Superficial]
  • Mtv may cut four original cast members for Season 3 of Jersey Shore.  [TMZ]
  • Eddie Cibrian was cut from CSI Miami.  [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Oprah gave all of her employees $10,000 and an Ipad.  [Hollywood Rag]
  • Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are “on a break.”  [Monsters and Critics]
  • Tiger Woods is not the father of porn star’s baby.  [Zap2It]
  • Audrina Patridge confirms that she and Ryan Cabrera pretended to be together on’ The Hills‘ after they had already broken up.   [Radar Online]

Joe Jonas Says he Dumped Demi Lovato – Is that Necessary Joe?

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato broke up, and Joe decided to take a very classy approach by letting the press know that it was “his decision” to end the relationship. Really Joe? Next are you going to tell the papers that she put on a few pounds and you just weren’t attracted to her anymore? Just say the breakup was mutual and move on. I think Lovato needs to call Ryan Phillipe, who once said on Howard Stern that he would no longer date a girl with a publicist, after Abbie Cornish felt the need to release a statement that she dumped him and not the other way around.

Jim Carrey’s "People" Tell him to Lay off the Angry Tweets

Jim Carrey has been getting a lot of criticism lately since defending Tiger Woods on Twitter.  To be fair, he didn’t exactly defend Tiger, as much as he kicked Elin in the gut.  Too harsh?  Of Elin, he said “no wife if blind enough to miss that much infidelity.”  He later tried to save face, by tweeting that he doesn’t condone infidelity, though both parties share some degree of responsibility.  In addition to the outrage about the content of his posts, some of Carrey’s followers are concerned with how late he stays up at night, fearing he may be having a breakdown since his breakup with Jenny McCarthy.   All I have to say about this nonsense is that Twitter is the beginning of the end of Hollywood.  Celebrities are supposed to be these untouchable entities that leave us always wondering what they’re really thinking.  We aren’t supposed to find out that what they are actually thinking is a bunch of nonsensical bull shit. 

Celebrity Gossip Review – Dish Catch up Time

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced the breakup of their 5 year relationship via twitter, less than two months after using twitter to declare their love for one another.  

Sandra Bullock has broken her silence to squash rumors of a sex tape between her and Jesse James.  What I find particularly interesting, is that this is the only rumor that she has come forward to squash.  I suppose it’s because it’s the only one that she is directly involved with.  I guess she won’t confirm or deny whether Jesse James is a nazi. 

Kate Gosselin responded to Jon’s custody petition by reminding everyone that she is appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to provide for her children.  You go girl!  It’s not like she can rely on Jon for financial support, considering he destroyed his public image, and I imagine laying brick won’t support 8 children.  

George Clooney debunked rumors that he and his non smiling girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, have split up, calling the story “made up.”

Matt Damon thinks marriage is a ridiculous idea, and doesn’t think it’s possible to spend your entire life with someone without being “totally driven crazy.”  He then said his wife is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Hmmm…..

Richard Gere Finally Talks about What Went Wrong with Cindy Crawford

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford were Hollywood’s “IT” couple in the 90’s. They married in Vegas, but it only lasted 3 years.  The marriage was constantly plagued by breakup rumors, and the couple assured the public of their solidarity even 6 months before the split.  Now, Gere is finally talking.  He told The Daily Mail that the 17 year age gap was largely responsible for the split and that “he married her because [he] didn’t want to lose her.”  He also said that he wasn’t sure he wanted children at the time.  Gere is now remarried to Carey Lowell and has one son.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie and Sammi Break up . . . for good this time?

It looks like season’s ‘Jersey Shore’ is going to have plenty of drama for the fans.  The entire cast will be reuniting in Miami, including the recently broken up Ronnie and Sammi.  Ronnie has been very mature about the breakup though, making sure to post all of his recent exploits on twitter.  Here are some of his recent posts.  Before you begin to read the tweets, be aware that “GTS” means Gym Tan Smush.   Apparently, smush = sex.  Got it?

“Come on Snook u can never GTS to much ( u kno that lol)…..wooooo…2 weeks, You ready? bc im not”
“Early morning GTS.. Busy day gonna be crazy….”
“GTS for next few days.. then Ohio on Fri to shut that bitch down… Lets get it Athens”