Tabloid Weekly Update: Breakups, Makeups, and Babies

  • Green Mile actor, Doug Hutchison, 51, married Alexis Stodden, 16.  Her parents approve. If only my parents were that open-minded.  The Blemish
  • Hugh Hefner let his ex-fiance, Crystal Harris, keep her $90,000 engagement ring. She was spotted trying to pawn it.  Now that’s love.  Celebrity Dirty Laundry
  • Former Bachelorette contestant Chris Lambton is engaged to former Bachelor contestant, Peyton Wright.  Who says you can’t find love on reality television? People
  • Ashlee Simpson was spotted kissing ‘Boardwalk Empire’ actor, Vincent PiazzaInquistr
  • Amanda Seyfried and her on-again/off-again love interest, Dominic Cooper, might be back together. They were seen shopping — and men don’t shop with women unless it’s serious.  Pop Sugar
  • Emma Stone is dating her Spiderman costar, Andrew GarfieldUs Magazine
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were spotted hugging  Perhaps they are back together.  Celebrity-Gossip
  • Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz got married. Congrats to the very good-looking couple.  Just Jared
  • Grey’s Anatomy star, Sara Ramirez, is engaged.  E! Online
  • Reggie Bush is dating a Kim Kardashian look-a-like.  The Frisky
  • George Clooney dumped Elisabetta Canalis.  Apparently, “she drove him nuts.”  Pop Eater
  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were photographed snuggling.  She looks very happy.  iVillage
  • Famed chef, Curtis Stone and ‘Lipstick Jungle’ star, Lindsay Price, are expecting a baby.  Celebrity Baby Scoop


The World According to Paris — Brooke Mueller Has Horrible Friends

In the video below, you’ll see the perfect example of who NOT to befriend in life. Brooke Mueller is lamenting about her Charlie Sheen breakup, along with her sobriety struggle. Instead of sympathizing with her pain, her extremely horrible assistant and “friend,” decides to yell at her. Let this be a lesson to those who denounce Alcoholics Anonymous and therapy in general — most of the world is comprised of jerks, so seek out a decent support system and rid yourself of toxic, heinous people. Watch below.

Brooke Mueller gets grilled by assistant and Mom by thatsfunny

Paris Hilton Confirms Cy Waits Break Up On Lopez Tonight — Remains Classy

You know when you go through a painful breakup and you spend most of your time bad-mouthing your ex to anyone who will listen?  Well, Paris Hilton is not in that club.  Though the press often picks on her for being famous for nothing,” I have to give her major kudos for the way she handles her breakups.  I imagine that if I was wronged on any level, I’d take great enjoyment from using the late-night circuit to bash my ex.  As a guilt-ridden Jew, though,  I’d certainly self-loathe shortly thereafter.  Hilton appeared on Lopez Tonight, and Lopez showed a disturbing fight between Hilton and her then boyfriend, Cy Waits, in which Waits’ consistent jealousy reaches a boiling point that results in Hilton slapping him in the face.  Clearly, these two were not meant to be.  But instead of lambasting him, Hilton was kind, saying, that “the relationship just ran its course.”  Who would think I’d ever call Paris Hilton classy? Watch the fight below.

Tabloid Gossip: Breakups, Makeups, and Babies

  • Denise Richards will write a new memoir detailing her “love story” with Charlie SheeniVillage
  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will renew their wedding vows.  Showbizspy
  • Paris Hilton and her longtime boyfriend, Cy Waits, are “reevaluating” their relationship.  E! Online
  • Mel Gibson is dating Greek gothic model, Stella Mouzi.  Etibits
  • Jennifer Aniston may have ended Justin Theroux’s 14 year relationship with Heidi BivensNew York Post
  • Lady Gaga is back together with Luc Carl. PopCrush
  • Vanessa Hudgens moved on from Zac Efron to Josh Hutcherson. Astrochicks

Are Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Splitting Up?

Gene Simmons appeared on Cheslea Lately, and Chelsea represented women everywhere by asking why one woman isn’t enough. She also referred to his longtime partner, Shannon Tweed, as his “wife,” which clearly ruffled Gene’s feathers. Gene tried to evade her inquiry and Shannon then yelled out from the audience, “answer the lady!” Predictably, Gene did not have an answer. When Chelsea asked if it’s okay if Shannon sleeps with other men, he also shirked responding, which leads me to to believe that Gene Simmons is a misogynistic hypocrite. Plus, his hair is gross. It seems that Chelsea was on to something. While promoting the new season of their show on The Today Show, it appeared as if their marriage is ending. Watch both interviews below.
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Tabloid Gossip — Week-in-Review

  • Pussycat Dolls front-woman, Nicole Sherzinger, might be engaged to Lewis Hamilton.  Starpulse
  • The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels revealed plans to adopt a baby.  SheKnows
  • Hayden Panettiere and her very tall boyfriend, Vladamir Klitschko broke up.  BigLead
  • Angelina Jolie got a new tattoo of the coordinates where Brad Pitt was born.  Celebrity Thing
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split up.  Astrochicks

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Blog Tabloid News Review

  • Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married, and Paris Hilton wasn’t invited.  Us Magazine
  • Elizabeth Hurley and her very rich husband split up amidst reports that she cheated.  Huffington Post
  • Dexter costars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing.  E! Online
  • Chelsea Handler took a picture of her and 50 Cent in bed together.  Pop Eater
  • Naked pictures of Christina Aguilera ended up online.  Gee, shocker.  The Stir

Thursday’s Daily Dish

  • Kelsey Grammar’s new girlfriend is pregnant with his fifth child.  Wonderwall
  • Halle Berry discusses her break-up with Gabriel AubryStar Magazine
  • Lindsay Lohan might be released from rehab early.  Radar Online
  • Former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas is engaged to Stephen Stagliano, the twin brother of Michael Stagliano, who appeared on Jillian Harris’ a season of The Bachelorette.  Got that?  Popeater
  • Hilary Duff is getting married this weekend.  Hollyscoop
  • Bachelor star Byron Velvick’s ex-fiance, Mary Delgado, was arrested for the second time on an alcohol related offense.  Get some help.  E! Online
  • The Cathy comic is dead.  All Voices
  • Glee will be on Broadway.  Playbill
  • Blake Lively will stay on Gossip Girl after all.  Contact Music

Top Quotes: The Celebrity Scorned Lover

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned dig from a scorned lover.  In honor of July 4th weekend, I have compiled a list of some personal favorites.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Laura Dern on Billy Bob Thornton leaving her for Angelina Jolie:

“I left our home to go and make a movie, and while I was away my boyfriend got married, and I never heard from him again.”

Nicole Kidman on her divorce from Tom Cruise:

“Now I can wear high heels.”

Brittany Murphy on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (R.I.P. Brit):

“I suppose the crux of their relationship basically means to him that age doesn’t matter and to her that size doesn’t matter.”

Jennifer Aniston on Brad Pitt’s W Magazine photo-shoot with Angelina Jolie

“There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing.”

Dennis Quaid on Meg Ryan’s affair with Russell Crowe:

“I think Russell did Meg and I a favor.”

Michael Douglas on ex-wife Diandra Douglas’ parenting skills:

She was a “young mother without any parenting skills handed down from her parents.”

Emma Thompson on the prospect of having a baby with her then husband Kenneth Branagh (who supposedly left Thompson for Helena Bonham Carter)

“Ken is so tired, his sperm are on crutches.”

Tate Donovan on why he and  Jennifer Aniston broke up:

“She likes top-notch hotels and luxury, and I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike.”

Keifer Sutherland on his best friend, Jason Patric, never confessing his love for Sutherland’s then fiance, Julia Roberts (who left Sutherland three days before the wedding and went to Europe with Patric).

‘I’m surprised that I never got a call from him saying I’ve fallen in love da-da-da. Instead, I found out from a stranger.’

Jason Patric on his breakup with Julia Roberts

“I knew (dating her) would be trouble.  But I think sometimes people walk into their own nightmare maybe not so consciously.  This was a person who very much put herself in the public eye, and the public life. I think everyone has a right to privacy, but once you use your personal life to advance your fame, you really don’t have the right to say no to (the press).”

Blog Daily Roundup

  • Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, hates Khloe Kardashian.  [Popcrunch]
  • Robert Pattinson defended Kristin Stewart about her “rape” comment.  [Popeater]
  • Gossip Girl spoiler: Is Georgina really pregnant?  [TV Fanatic]
  • The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend is not surprised about his break-up with Vienna.  [Radar Online]
  • Bristol Palin makes her acting debut.  [Movieline]
  • Val Kilmer apologizes to New Mexico?  [The Celebrity Cafe]
  • Chynna Phillips says that filing for divorce helped save her marriage to Billy Baldwin.  [Pr-Inside]
  • The performance of Tom Cruise’s new film, Knight and Day, might affect whether Paramount kills MI4.  [Deadline]
  • Jeremy London’s brothers says that he needs help and he questions whether Jeremy was actually kidnapped.  [Digital Spy]
  • Dennis Quaid will play the reverend in the remake of ‘Footloose.’  [Yahoo!]
  • Conan O’Brien attacks Lance Armstrong on twitter. [Page Six]
  • Former ‘American Idol’ contestant, Kellie Pickler, is engaged.  [Hollywood Life]
  • Elliot Spitzer gets his own show.  [The Wrap]
  • Joan Rivers’ ex-manager is suing her.  [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan says Bravo set her up to make her look bad. [Ear Sucker]