Julianne Hough Covers Women’s Health Magazine — Still Won’t Address Marital Status


For somebody “connected to her truth” Julianne Hough sure spends a lot of time not talking about it. For those unaware, Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, spent an unwelcome amount of time inviting the public into their sex life only to now shut the doors on the many inquiries about the status of their marriage. Hough and Laich are noticeably isolating in separate states during the pandemic.

On the June cover of Women’s Health Magazine Hough continued to say a whole lot of nothing including, “I believe in soul love, whatever that looks like. I kind of don’t believe in labels. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a baby, etc. It just means that I’ve unplugged from what I feel like I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing.” She furthered, “I believe we’re all dancers. We were much more self-expressed when we were kids. I’m trying to help people reconnect back to that inner child.”

Perhaps I wouldn’t object to the new Julianne Hough if she was honest about her personal life when it suits her AND when it doesn’t. Furthermore, if you’re going to boldly “live your truth,” maybe also defend the truth of others, including Gabrielle Union who had very public issues with America’s Got Talent. Hough notoriously avoided the topic (despite being fired at the same time as Union) during a press tour for Hough’s upcoming show. It’s not considered “bold” if you’re only speaking out when it suits you best.

Julianne Hough is Weird AF

Perhaps Julianne Hough’s overly-reported spiritual awakening could have been geared toward fighting NBC alongside Gabrielle Union instead of a faux exorcism that seems so inappropriate I almost upchucked. The Dancing with the Stars alum/former America’s Got Talent host engaged in a energy treatment at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and in the video below, you’ll see Dr. John Amaral get much to close to her rectum as she contorts her body.

I don’t trust this procedure, and I no longer trust celebrity endorsements given how absolutely insane celebrities are. Furthermore, though I previously stated that Julianne Hough is free to keep quiet regarding her firing from AGT, I’m changing my mind. If you’re going to tour the world with wacky behavior and claim to be on a journey to self-discovery, maybe start with fighting the powers that be alongside other females instead of giving a dough-eyed, innocent grin as you worm your way out of joining the movement.

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Gonna tell my kids this is “The Exorcist”… (Policy Guidline Disclaimer: I aspire to such flexibility and mind body connection and hope to have similar orgasmic experience at Kinrgy. Love and light.)

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Grease: Live! Watch All the Performances Now

FOX joined the live television musical game, and if the early ratings are any indication, they hit it out of the ballpark. With a strong cast that specializes in acting, singing, AND dancing, they gave the audience everything they wanted, and apparently more. As an observational aside, I always find it interesting when the casting and costumes emulate the original actors that played the characters. It’s one thing to copy a story, it’s another to copy the casting decisions. Is Julianne Hough playing Sandy or is she playing Olivia Newton John’s version of Sandy? And is Vanessa Hudgens really playing Rizzo, or is she dressed up like Stockard Channing playing Rizzo? Speaking of Vanessa, as always, she stole the show. Having said that, everyone came to play, and it showed in each performance. Also, it’s refreshing to see original television offerings that bring families together. Watch the performances after the jump.
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‘Footloose’ 2011 — Movie Review

This movie never stood a chance. It’s a remake of a fluke hit, and the original story is dated. But it’s a library project owned by Paramount, so the studio stood to gain a substantial amount of money with very little financial investment. Translation? — Greed surpassed creativity. Remakes are easy because the title recognition alone saves a tremendous amount of money marketing the film, and there’s a hope that nostalgia will bring people to the theater. But if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

The biggest problem in this film is the casting. Though Julianne Hough was impressive, Kenny Wormald was an unfortunate miscast. I think he has some serious potential as an actor, and he’s certainly capable. But he was doomed in this role. He’s a nerd in cool-guy clothes, and his lack of chemistry with Julianne Hough made it impossible to believe that a girl like her would ever find him attractive. And speaking of those cool-guy clothes, something went seriously wrong in the wardrobe department. The costume designer took almost every single outfit from the original movie. We aren’t in the 80’s anymore, so if you walk into a school with your collar up today, you’ll likely get picked on for looking ridiculous. Furthermore, Kevin Bacon was considered “cool” in the original story because of his big-city, anti-establishment attitude, which came as a shock to the small town. The only thing anti-establishment about this kid was his Boston accent.

I presume Kenny Wormald landed this role because of his dance background, but given there are only three choreographed dance sequences in the film, I think the old-fashioned rule of cinema applies here — it’s easier to teach an actor to dance than it is to teach a dancer to act. And if they were going to prioritize the dance background, I actually think that when Zac Efron dropped out, Derek Hough should have been hired and Julianne Hough should have been recast (obviously because her real-life brother cannot play her love interest). The male lead is more important than the female lead, and Derek would have been a stellar choice. But that’s neither here nor there.

And to pre-empt your you-like-to-pick-on-the-new-guy attack, I’d like to also point out that Dennis Quaid was another unfortunate miscast. Sure this movie needed some star power to lend it some big-studio street cred, but Quaid just doesn’t look like an uptight preacher. He’s a proven talent, but even great actors can’t pull off the wrong role. The shoe has to fit before you start to walk in it.

The other issue is that the story is too true to the original film. In fact, with the exception of the iPod use, it’s a carbon copy. The purpose of a remake is to take a great story and modernize it. Remember ‘The Thomas Crowne Affair’ with Pierce Brosnan? It’s the same great story, but it’s nearly unrecognizable compared to the Steve McQueen version. Without a new spin, it would make more creative and financial sense to re-release the original. I think Craig Brewer (the director) should have substantially changed the original story, or at least changed the clothes. For goodness sakes, the kid even drove the same car.

But despite the trouble, I’d still say the movie is enjoyable enough to watch. There just aren’t enough cheesy films out there, and this fits the bill.


Julianne Hough’s Video Banned from CMT — She’s a Stripper Now

Alright, I have to confess.  I’ve never really loved Julianne Hough, and I can’t quite put my finger on the reason.  Is it because she’s cuter than me and I’m jealous?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it’s because she comes off as extremely arrogant.  Anyways, she just released a video for her new song, Is That So Wrong, and CMT banned it for being too sexy.  I watched the entire video and my problem with it isn’t the sexiness, it’s the ridiculousness.  Allow me to explain.  Like most videos, Hough starts off wearing a cute dress with her hair blowing in an off-camera fan.  After about a minute or so later, things take a turn for the worse.  She’s standing around her apartment yearning for something, and then breaks out in ridiculous dance moves that have no place in the video.  At one point, she even does a somersault on the bed.  Gosh, when I’m at home pining, you know what I do?  I run right over to my bed and do a somersault.  Did I mention that I also wear cut-off shorts and stick my ass out toward a camera?  Man, that Julianne Hough sure is relatable.  To watch the video, click the link below.