Tabloid Rundown — This Week’s Celebrity News

  • Did Katie Holmes leave Tom Cruise because of Scientology? People
  • Robert Pattinson has a new romance. Hollywood Life
  • Charlie Sheen’s custody war continues. TMZ
  • Tori Spelling’s fame game now includes a sex tape. Gossip Cop
  • Zoe Saldana’s husband declared his devotion in ink. Celebuzz
  • Raquel Welch is dating Nigel Lythgoe. Daily Mail
  • Avril Lavigne’s ex-husband is bitter. THR
  • Is Kelly Brook dating Jeremy Piven? Mirror

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are Divorcing — Hollywood Weeps

Despite the endless speculation about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes being under some kind of contractual arrangement, I actually believed in them. I thought, “Maybe they are really in love, and Tom Cruise is just a victim of the Hollywood-rumor-mill. But just when I got comfortable with the couple, they’re done. That’s not to say it was ever fake, but let this be a lesson to everyone doing interviews about their relationship — be careful what you say and how you say it, because no one wants youtube-couch-jumping evidence of the way it used to be. As an aside, this will likely help both of their careers. Holmes lived in his shadow, and Cruise never quite recovered from his Oprah interview. As a unit, they professionally suffered, and this brings them back to reality in a more relatable fashion.

Anne Hathaway Impersonates Katie Holmes on SNL — Nails It!

There’s a rumor floating around that Katie Holmes is pissed about Anne Hathaway’s Saturday Night Live impersonation of her.  TomKat’s camp denies this, but since they didn’t publicly say it was funny, I’m guessing they hated it.  The impression is so dead-on accurate, I think Anne Hathaway actually did Katie Holmes a major favor.  Pehaps she should take the time to study the impression so she can figure out why she comes off so strange in interviews.  Watch below.  It starts around the three minute mark.