Quote of the Day — Lady Gaga’s Ex-Boyfriend Luc Carl Breaks Silence

“I was fat and miserable, but her career was blossoming. I couldn’t even watch reruns of Seinfeld without seeing her singing in her underwear. I was happy for her, of course, but I didn’t need my ex shoved down my throat. I basically had no choice but to run. And run I did. I used to get more women when I was broke, flabby and completely wasted all the time – but those women were sloppy 22-year-olds, the kind of women who messed up my sheets and asked for cab fare in the morning.” Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl, on what it was like when she became famous and his decision to get in shape.

Lady Gaga’s New ‘Marry the Night’ Video — Where’s the F*****g Song?

I must hate performance art. That has to be the explanation for why I think Lady Gaga’s new video for Marry the Night is absolutely awful. I shouldn’t be so harsh though. After all, it’s not really a music video. It’s more like a fine-tuned, overpriced, musicless misstep that the “little monsters” will predictably drool over with delight. But to put my critique plainly — where’s the f*****g music? Oh right — it starts at minute eight (no, I’m not kidding). We sure have come a long way since Thriller.

Quote of the Day — Adele

“Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my tits and ass out for no one.  I love seeing Lady Gaga’s boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it. But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.” Adele on whether being in the spotlight makes her concerned about her weight.


Nicki Minaj & David Guetta Open the AMA’s — Ridiculous Performanc​e

Remember in college when your friends went to that very loud club with the terrible music, got super-wasted, and insisted that they were having the time of their life? Let’s just say that Nicki Minaj’s performance at the American Music Awards brought back some of those painful memories. Does anyone just sing anymore? Is Lady Gaga responsible for these costume monstrosities? For goodness sakes, what was on Nicki Minaj’s ass during the opening of that song? If the show is called the ‘American Music Awards,’ then where is the real music? Watch below.

Lady Gaga Sings ‘Edge of Glory’ on Howard Stern — Magical

I have to admit that I’m not a Lady Gaga fan. I find her to be indulgent and inauthentic. Plus, I don’t love her music. Having said that, her performance of ‘Edge of Glory’ on Howard Stern blew me away. Dave Grohl once said that his acoustic performance of ‘Everlong’ on Howard Stern put Foo Fighters on the map, and I have a feeling Gaga will join Grohl in the Howard Stern history books. Listen below.

Did ‘The Voice’ Edit Out Christina Aguilera’s Lady Gaga Tirade?

I’m often confused by a Producer’s decision to remove controversial segments of a show.  Sure, they might cause a stir, but it makes for great television, and it would certainly make headlines.  Plus, it’s real.  Reports are circulating that Christina Aguilera is a diva on the new show, The Voice, and she recently took aim Lady Gaga while critiquing a contestant’s performance.  If it’s true that Aguilera insulted Gaga (which wouldn’t be the first time), then they should have aired the segment.  People would surely tune in to see her antics.  Though this story came out of The National Enquirer and is therefore subject to speculation, my experience tells me that reports of diva behavior are usually true. Employees on the show often become infuriated enough to blab to tabloids, in hopes of damaging the reputation of terrible celebrities.

Glee Does ‘Born This Way’ — Gets It Right

Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling extra emotional lately, but Glee’s most recent episode pulled on my heartstrings. The show’s theme was Lady Gaga’s song, Born This Way, and the story began with Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) wanting a nose job. In real life, Lea Michele has been very vocal about her opposition to changing her nose, and I’ve called her my personal hero because of it. I figure us big-schnozed Jews have to stick together, and it certainly helps when one of those schnozes is famous. Watch a clip from the show below to see Lea Michele and Dianna Agron sing a mash-up of Pretty/Unpretty.

Lady Gaga Cries During HBO Special — Inauthentic and Disturbing?

When I think of Lady Gaga, the first word that comes to my mind is inauthentic. When I say this in public, it’s inevitable that someone chews my head off. Judging from the clip below, Lady Gaga would probably join in their rage. The reason I question her authenticity is because she started in the business under her real name, and she played clubs dressed as a normal person. When her career failed to launch, she got smart and developed a schtick. This schtick involves dressing up in an egg on the red carpet, and wearing frog costumes during interviews. Is that authentic or calculated? It’s okay to develop an image to gain success in the industry, but when you start as one thing and become another — don’t cry when others call you a phony. It comes with the territory. Furthermore, I find the clip below to be somewhat disturbing, as if she’s crying over nothing, and she’s surrounded by people that are arbitrarily appeasing her neurosis. If I were her friend, I might ask her if she’s seen a therapist lately (I’m actually not being sarcastic about that

Reveal Clip #1