Tabloid Gossip — Dish-A-Licious


  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged. Us Magazine
  • Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry.  MTV
  • Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger might reconcile. TMZ
  • High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, is dating Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Martin Johnson. Perez Hilton
  • Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is engaged to Erin Brady. Rumor has it his family isn’t pleased. Astrochicks
  • Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rime’s ex-wife (yes, I wrote it that way on purpose), Brandi Glanville, had a quickie marriage in Vegas. MSNBC
  • Jennifer Lopez’s new boy-toy, Casper Smart, got probation for drag racing. Gossip Cop
  • Adele has a new man in her life. The Sun
  • Kanye West’s ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, called Kim Kardashian a home-wrecker, accusing the reality star of cheating on Reggie Bush with West while she was still in a relationship with the singer. Radar Online
  • The Kardashians might launch a glossy magazine with exclusive Kardashian content. Talk about over-exposure. NY Post
  • Is Halle Berry engaged to Olivier Martinez? IMDB


Tabloid Gossip: Week-in-Review

  • Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper might be dating. People
  • Does Joe Jonas want Taylor Swift back? Ear Sucker
  • Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler might be dating.  Astrochicks 
  • George Clooney introduced Stacy Keibler to his parents. SheKnows
  • ‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Holly Durst and Blake Julian are engaged. ICYDK
  • Simon Cowell went on a date with Denise Richards. Us Weekly
  • Kate Hudson’s biological dad thinks she is a spoiled brat. MSNBC
  • Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are dating. iVillage

Reese Witherspoon & Taylor Swift Have Lunch — Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nightmare?

If two of my exes went to lunch together, I imagine the conversation would go something like this: “Isn’t The Dishmaster really great in bed? Wow, I really did miss out on an amazing thing. Perhaps we should call her right now and beg for her to take us back.” Seriously though — the idea of two people I dated sitting in a room together is quite possibly my version of hell. I wonder how Jake Gyllenhaal felt about it. According to Us Weekly, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift shared a lunch, and the conversation included a discussion on how self-absorbed Jake can be. I can’t say I believe the story, though. Did someone wearing a wire? Unless a very nosy individual at the neighboring table blabbed to Us Weekly, I can’t imagine that this is true. Having said that, I’m certain Jake lost sleep just thinking about it.

Taylor Swift wears Granny Panties? — She’s a Genius!

Taylor Swift’s skirt flew up at a recent concert, and the blogosphere is taking aim at her choice of underpants, calling them “granny panties.” There’s a very important point that’s being lost here. Taylor Swift is a calculated genius. She obviously chose those under-garments as a safety measure IN CASE her skirt flew up, and it worked. I’m sure she doesn’t go on dates with men in those things — only I would do that.

Tabloid Week-in-Review

  • David Arquette was in a car accident.  People
  • Dianne Agron’s ex-boyfriend, Alex Pettyfer, may or may not be a psycho stalker.  GossipCop
  • Britney Spears gushed to Ryan Seacrest about her boyfriend’s body.  DigitalSpy
  • Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are fighting over their kids.  Huffington Post
  • Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn might be getting serious.  PopEater
  • Fear not — Charlie Sheen’s goddess, Bree Olson, has returned to the mansion.  Hollywood News
  • Amanda Seyfried still misses her very yummy ex-boyfriend, Dominic Cooper.  Gather
  • Charlie Sheen is a Jew — the world makes sense again!  Stuff
  • David Birney denies Meredith Baxter’s abuse allegations written in her new memoir.  E! Online
  • Taylor Swift is dating Glee’s Chord Overstreet.  EarSucker
  • Courtney Cox has an amazing body.  Celebuzz

Taylor Swift and Adam Young — All This Cheese is Going to My Ass

Taylor Swift recently confessed to writing her song Enchanted for Adam Young of the band Owl City.  If you haven’t heard of Owl City, I recommend you listen to The Postal Service, because they basically ripped them off.  Anyways, Young got Swift’s love letter, and he wrote a song for her in response.  Though I fancy myself romantic, I draw the line at writing songs for each other in the press.  Plus, I’ve had my allotted share of cheese for the week.  Listen to the songs below.



Kanye West Tries to Be Funny With Britney — Can’t Catch a Break

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Kanye West.  When Britney Spears’ new song knocked Kanye out of  the number one spot, he tweeted her, saying, “Yo Britney, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time.”  Apparently, Kanye West is not allowed to make fun of himself, because no one has a sense of humor, including Britney Spears.  Spears’ manager, Adam Leber, replied to Kanye’s tweet, saying, “Thanks for “letting” us be #1. Much appreciated.”  Can we all stop picking on Kanye West please?  Enough is enough.  The guy made a mistake, and his mistake actually catapulted Taylor Swift into super stardom.  Also — give the guy permission to make a joke for goodness sakes.

Chris Robinson Calls Taylor Swift “Horrible”

Want to know the best way to get mentioned in the press when you’re Z-lister?  Well, you bash an A-lister, of course.  In a recent interview, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, discussed the current state of the music industry, and singled out Taylor Swift, as “talentless,” and a poor example of how everything “sounds and looks the same” these days.  Did Chris learn nothing from the Kanye West debacle?  Taylor Swift is untouchable, and unless you’re going to hop on the pop/country bandwagon, you better stay in your cave.

Taylor Swift’s First Solo Album — Can She Hack it?

For some reason, most people I talk to think that Taylor Swift wrote every song on her first two albums.  The truth is, many of her most successful songs were co-written with country music songwriter Liz Rose.  In fact, two songs from the Swift/Rose collaboration, White Horse, and You Belong With Me, earned Grammys.  So why forgo the collaboration on her next album, entitled Speak Now?  According to Swift, she didn’t have co-writers because she would get her “best ideas at 3 am in Arkansas when [she] didn’t have any co-writers around, so [she] would just finish it.  It just so happened that the songs that made the cut on the album were the ones [she] wrote [her]self.”  Artists often write too many songs for their album, and the choice about what songs “make the cut” comes down to last minute decisions.  It sounds like Swift did have co-writers on her latest album, but favored her solo songs.  I wonder if having an adult as a co-writer helped even-out the excessive teenage angst in Swift’s songs.  Will she be relatable to the masses without someone older as a  balance?