Dave Grohl Addresses Justin Bieber Grammy “Snub” — WATCH

20121207-101552.jpgThe Gods above gifted me with a clip of Dave Grohl discussing Justin Bieber’s Grammy “snub” during a Chelsea Lately pow-wow. Watch the rock legend engage in the gab-fest below, asking very astute questions, such as, “Is anyone really surprised?”
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Tabloid Gossip — Week-in-Review — Celebrity News Rundown

  • MTV host TJ Lavin wed his longtime girlfriend. Celebrity Cafe
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand had an awkward run-in. TMZ
  • Kelsey Grammer put baby in a corner — at the Playboy mansion. Today
  • Did Steven Tyler and his fiance split up? Wonderwall
  • Chelsea Handler reunited with Andre Balazs. Us Magazine
  • Nick Jonas admitted to writing “Wedding Bells” for Miley Cyrus. Contact Music
  • Did Nicole Scherzinger kiss Chris Brown? The Sun
  • Linda Hogan isn’t happy about Hulk’s sex tape. Digital Spy
  • Ian Ziering is having baby #2. People
  • Evan Rachel Wood married Billy Elliot. ALLVOICES



Chelsea Lately & Sandra Bullock Have Naked Shower Fight

20121016-094022.jpgChelsea Handler has officially cornered the market on getting A-list celebrities to do ridiculous things. This week’s winner is Sandra Bullock, whose very naked fight with Handler in the shower was not only hilarious — but revealing. Hats off to Handler for really committing.
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Christina Hendricks Isn’t “Full-Figured” — Also Has Serious Issues

I first noticed Christina Hendricks had issues when she did an interview with Chelsea Handler at the beginning of her career. When Handler called her “voluptuous,” Hendricks became noticeably uncomfortable, and then repeated the word back with an annoyed tone. Since then, Hendricks has garnered a lot of attention for her body, with women everywhere citing her as an example of the non-anorexic-sexy-girl, but the Mad Men star has always resented it. Sure she’ll answer the question, but every single time she gets asked I can see her blood boiling. And that came to a head during an interview with Sun-Herald Fashion Editor Kate Waterhouse who called her a “full-figured” inspiration. Watch below.

Tabloid Gossip — Week-in-Review — Breakups, Babies, & Romance

  • Chelsea Handler reunited with Andre Balazs. Wonderwall
  • John Hamm and Kim Kardashian kissed and made up. TVgasm
  • Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley adopted a second child. E! Online
  • Joe Millionaire‘ apologized for being a douchebag. Jezebel
  • Jack Osbourne had a baby. Celebuzz
  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds bought a house together. People
  • Petra Nemcova and Sean Penn might have reuinted. NYP
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows. Los Angeles Times
  • Lindsay Lohan missed her flight to the White House Correspondents’ Bash. TMZ



Chelsea Handler Attacks Angelina Jolie — Should Jennifer Aniston be Pissed?

The only tabloid story I hope dies a painful, hell-ridden death, is the Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt love-triangle. It’s over, and the only people who can’t seem to move on is the media. And by “media” — I mean Chelsea Handler. In a recent interview, Handler took an unnecessary swipe at Jolie, saying she’s not a girl’s girl, and “she doesn’t strike [her] as someone [she] would have a close friendship with.” Though I appreciate her candor, she has to know that her comments will inevitably resurrect the love-triangle stories, and since she’s friends with Jennifer Aniston, I would imagine she’d be trying to do the opposite. It’s inappropriate.

Bethenny Frankel on Chelsea Lately — Best Guest Ever

Only Bethenny Frankel would disclose that it takes 18 months to desire sex again after childbirth, and only Chelsea Handler would take a sip of her guest’s drink, make a sour face, and insult it. Thank God they are giving Bethenny her own show. She deserves it. Watch below after the jump.
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Piers Morgan on Chelsea Handler — Verbal Smackdown

For those that think Chelsea Handler got her job because of her relationship with the head of E!, I’d encourage you to watch the video below. Piers Morgan attempted to spar with Handler, who trumped every one of his jabs with a better barb of her own. When Piers said Handler “bored” him during her appearance on Piers’ CNN show, she responded with, “why did you get fired from America’s Got Talent?” Piers then referred to Howard Stern’s Super Bowl commercial where Stern blasted children with a big hose, and said, “I’d love to blast you with a big hose.” Handler countered with, “too bad your hose isn’t big enough to blast me with.” Watch below after the jump.
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Quote of the Day — Joan Rivers v. Chelsea Handler

“The girl made it laying on her back fucking the President.” Joan Rivers on Chelsea Handler, referring to Chelsea’s former relationship with the then head of E!, Ted Harbart. To be fair, Joan said this to Howard Stern in response to Chelsea Handler’s attack on Joan Rivers from the day prior. The lesson? — Don’t piss off Joan Rivers.

Dave Grohl on ‘After Lately’ — Jen is Obsessed

I don’t think the video below is very funny. In fact, I think Chelsea Handler’s side-show, ‘After Lately’, is altogether humorless. That being said, Dave Grohl is incredibly hot, and I therefore have no other choice but to post it. Please watch and then envision The Dishmaster and Grohl living happily ever after. After all, we manifest our destinies, right?