Bruno Tonioli Lays into Kate Gosselin on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Bruno is not very nice.  He went on ‘Lopez Tonight’ and called Kate Gosselin “dreadful crap.”  This poor woman.  She is the only contestant on the show that actually represents what the show was originally supposed to be about: taking non-dancers and pairing them up with professionals.  Unfortunately, almost every contestant on ‘DWTS’ this season has professional experience.  Gee, I wonder if a gold medal figure skater can dance on the floor instead of the ice?  Or if a Pussycat Doll can convert dancing on the stage to dancing in the ballroom?  It just isn’t fair.  At least she’s getting paid a big some of money though to be insulted.  Watch his tirade below.

VIDEO: Dancing With The Stars’ Bruno Tonioli: “Kate Is Pretty Dreadful — She’s Crap” |

Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Kate Gosselin’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Performance

This is definitely worth taking the time to watch.  I’m not sure I realized just how challenged Gosselin is at the art of dance until I watched Fallon’s impersonation.  I’m still rooting for her though.  Watch it below, and click on the second video if you want to see Gosselin’s original performance.

Celebrity Gossip Review – Dish Catch up Time

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced the breakup of their 5 year relationship via twitter, less than two months after using twitter to declare their love for one another.  

Sandra Bullock has broken her silence to squash rumors of a sex tape between her and Jesse James.  What I find particularly interesting, is that this is the only rumor that she has come forward to squash.  I suppose it’s because it’s the only one that she is directly involved with.  I guess she won’t confirm or deny whether Jesse James is a nazi. 

Kate Gosselin responded to Jon’s custody petition by reminding everyone that she is appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to provide for her children.  You go girl!  It’s not like she can rely on Jon for financial support, considering he destroyed his public image, and I imagine laying brick won’t support 8 children.  

George Clooney debunked rumors that he and his non smiling girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, have split up, calling the story “made up.”

Matt Damon thinks marriage is a ridiculous idea, and doesn’t think it’s possible to spend your entire life with someone without being “totally driven crazy.”  He then said his wife is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Hmmm…..

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Beats ‘American Idol’

For the first time ever, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ beat ‘American Idol’ in the ratings race.  Monday’s ‘DWTS’ had a total of 23 million viewers, while ‘Idol’ had 21.8 million viewers on Tuesday.  In defense of ‘Idol,’ it still has more viewers in the coveted 18-49 category, which is all advertisers really care about.  Why?  Because back in the day when certain networks were losing in the ratings race, they created this arbitrary 18-49 category, arguing that it is better to win the ratings race with younger viewers rather than total viewers overall.  Apparently, younger viewers are more likely to buy new products, as they are less set in their ways.  It’s all hogwash if you ask me.  ‘Idol’ is going downhill no matter how you play it.  Ever since producer Nigel Lythgoe left the show to start ‘So you Think you Can Dance,’ it simply hasn’t been the same.

[Remember the good old days when Paula was there?]

John Stamos performs with "The Beach Boys" on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – Where’s Brian Wilson?

In the clip below, you will see John Stamos performing with a group referred to as “The Beach Boys.”  I have said this before and I will say it again: a band should not be referred to by its original name if only one of the original members is in the group.  Otherwise, it’s just a sad tribute band.  ‘The Beach Boys’ were originally comprised of Brian Wilson, his brothers Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and a friend named Al Jardine.  Carl and Dennis both died in the 80s and Al Jardine left the band shortly after that.  Because Brian Wilson was absent at the ‘DWTS’ performance below, that makes Mike Love the only original member.  I’m not sure why Brian Wilson wasn’t there, especially since he was the primary writer of all those timeless songs they continue to sing.  I know Wilson is alive and well, considering we go to the same Los Angeles Starbucks.  I’ve heard through the coffee talk rumor mill that he is peeved about “The Beach Boys” touring without him, but who knows if it’s true.  All I know is, I’d be peeved.  Watch below.

Update: One of my readers brought it to my attention that Mike Love has sued Brian Wilson multiple times, which explains why Wilson would be peeved and wouldn’t tour with them.

Kate Gosselin is my Favorite on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

I realize that Kate Gosselin is not always a fan favorite, but I love her.  She’s the only person on DWTS that doesn’t have prior performing experience so I give her a lot of credit.  Watch her performance below.  There is also a lot of talk about her fighting with her dance partner, Tony Dovolani.  Watch them bickering in the second video (it stops at the 3:20 mark).  I actually feel sorry for Kate in the video.  I think Tony is frustrated that teaching Kate is such a challenge, so he lost it on her.  I’m obviously not the only one eager to see Kate dance, considering that the show put her performance last, which means they were trying to keep viewers tuned in until the very end.

kate 11a @ Yahoo! Video

Red Carpet Fashion: Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party

Perez Hilton, the master of all celebrity bloggers, had a birthday bash in Los Angeles Saturday night.  Forgive the title of this post, as Perez, true to his website’s color, rolled out a pink carpet instead of a red one.  See pictures from the party below.

[Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – yes, it is weird that she is there given that Perez constantly bashes her on his website]

[Paula Abdul and her hot legs!]

[Katy Perry – please see my previous post – entitled ‘When Did Celebs Stop Wearing Pants’]

[Kim Zolciak – from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’]

[Leona Lewis – British pop sensation]

[Singer Eve]

[Audrina Patridge – from ‘The Hills’]

[Bridget Marquardt – Formerly on of Hugh Hefner’s girls]

[Niecy Nash – on this season’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’]

Kate Gosselin Really Wants to Stay on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In a recent interview with People, Kate Gosselin said how much she hopes to stay in the dancing competition, because she “really likes it.”  Though I’m sure Gosselin is enjoying herself, the real reason most of these celebrities hope to stay as long as possible, is that they get paid per episode. The longer they stay, the bigger the check. Since Gosselin has eight children to support, and she is no longer generating income from TLC, I would imagine that she is trying pretty hard.  I’d like to see her stay too, given that she seems to be the only non dancer/performer/athlete. 

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Has its Largest Audience Ever

It looks like ABC made some changes for the better.  Last night’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ drew the largest premiere audience since the show began.  Something tells me Samantha Harris won’t be coming back anytime soon.  I think Brooke Burke as the new host probably helped with the numbers.  Also, who can beat watching Pamela Anderson dance around like a crazy person?   Watch below.

pam 11 @ Yahoo! Video