Amber Riley Sings Adele’s Someone Like You on her Webcam — Bad Move?

I’ve said this many times on The Dishmaster before, but once you’re on a hit show like Glee, you have to not only create a celebrity mystique, but you must also watch your brand, to ensure that your personal life doesn’t conflict with your character.  That brings me to Amber Riley, who covered Adele’s Someone Like You on her webcam.  Though I think she has a great voice, I’m fundamentally against this on principle.  You’re on an expensive network television show, and your broadcasting a song on your personal webcam inside your apartment.  It looks unprofessional and cheap — and you have an image to maintain.


Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode — It Didn’t Work

I just watched this much talked about Grey’s Anatomy episode, and I really wanted to like it — I promise I did. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work. The plot surrounded Dr. Callie Torres, who was near death following a car accident. In the process of trying to save her, just about every doctor breaks into song, which is loosely justified by Callie’s hallucinations. There’s a few problems with this. First, in order to justify awkwardly singing in the middle of a hospital operation, each song must take place in Callie’s presence, otherwise it’s not a hallucination, and it’s instead just a crazy doctor that should be fired for singing on the job. Second, the song choices should have been somewhat thematic. It just doesn’t make sense to sing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Breathe by Anna Nalick. It felt too random, as if they picked the songs out of a very large hat. I realize that Shonda Rimes has some very talented cast members whose voice she wanted to feature in her show. But if I were advising her, I’d tell her to take a note from Ally McBeal instead of Glee, and have the actors randomly sing at a bar after work instead. It would have made much more sense that way. Watch a clip of last Thursday’s episode below.

Glee’s Ryan Murphy Apologizes — Listens to Dave Grohl

Leave it to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to knock Ryan Murphy off his judgmental throne. After months of lambasting artists who refuse to release their songs to Glee, Murphy finally apologized. His apology followed Dave Grohl’s recent comments about Murphy, stating that musicians have every right to turn down his show, and they shouldn’t be personally insulted for doing so. In an  interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Murphy said he “didn’t speak with as much clarity as he would have liked.” He said he “completely understands when artists don’t want a show or another artist to interpret their songs. In fact, [he] respect[s] it.” Wow — that’s quite a change in “clarity” from his original “f–k you” to the band. At least he learned his lesson. I’d like to give Dave Grohl some much-deserved kudos for putting Ryan Murphy in his place. The drummer for Kings of Leon tried to do the exact same thing, and he failed miserably. In fact, the press called him anti-gay at the time, and he was forced to issue an apology. By the way, have I mentioned my huge crush on Dave Grohl?

Dave Grohl Calls Glee Creator Ryan Murphy a “Jerk” — Makes a Good Point

Dave Grohl has joined the list of musicians that refuse to feature their music on Glee, and he insulted Ryan Murphy in the process. Though I usually come to Ryan Murphy’s defense, Grohl has officially changed my mind. He said that he has no interest in featuring his songs on the hit show, and he, along with other musicians who feel the same way, should not be attacked for their choice. He referenced Slash who turned down the show because he “hates musicals,” which subsequently led to Ryan Murphy calling him a “washed up old rock star.” According to Grohl, every musician has a right to reject the show without Ryan Murphy attacking them for doing so. Murphy’s personal attacks also include Kings of Leon, who he called “arrogant a*sholes.” Murphy has always said that his show is about musical education, so it’s terrible when musicians don’t want to be included in something with such a positive message. Though I see his point, Dave Grohl has a better one. Just because someone as legendary as Slash doesn’t want his music on your show, doesn’t warrant you bludgeoning him over the head with your anger. May I also point out that I’m a huge Dave Grohl fan? There’s no better guy to interview. To read one of his greatest interviews, click the link below.


Rosie O’Donnell Isn’t Happy With Glee’s Fat-Girl Character

Rosie O’Donnell bashed this week’s episode of Glee, and rightfully so. One of her main contentions is with Lauren Zizes, calling her “unlikable,” and questioning whether she can actually sing. I completely agree with Rosie, and since she seems to have a larger following than The Dishmaster, I’m hoping that Ryan Murphy listens up. Lauren’s has become almost cartoonish at this point. First, why would Puck be interested in her? Judging from her current portrayal, she has no redeeming qualities. Also, Puck’s been superficial all along, and there’s no explanation for his about-face, except that he’s gone completely crazy. There’s so many other overweight girls with big voices that would have been better picks for that part.

Lea Michele Poses for Cosmo in Revealing Shirt — These Glee Kids Don’t Get It

Alright. I’m going to take a moment to explain to the stars of Glee why it is inappropriate to pose on the covers of sex-based magazines in shirts with plunging necklines.  My problem is not that I’m prude (even though I am).  The issue is that Glee is meant to appeal to kids, and the actors need to uphold the brand.  I’d make the same argument if the star of a popular Kids comedy appeared as a guest star in Dexter.  It hurts the brand.  Sure, actors are real people with a career to maintain.  They want life after Glee, and they are starting the transition process early.  But it doesn’t matter.  While getting paid your hefty episodic fee, keep your clothes on, and think twice before you make appearances that contradict the character you portray on television.

Kings of Leon Drummer Tells Glee’s Ryan Murphy To “Buy a Bra” — Anti Gay?

I’m not one to arbitrarily call someone out for being politically incorrect.  But when the drummer for Kings of Leon attacked Ryan Muprhy on twitter, telling him to “get a manicure” and “buy a bra,” I became enraged.  The feud began when Kings of Leon turned down the request to have their song, Use Somebody, featured on Glee.  When asked about their rejection, Glee Creator Ryan Murphy called the band “self-centered assholes,” who “missed the big picture.”  He accused the band of hating on a show that promotes arts education, and missing the point that a “7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument.” Kings of Leon originally issued an appropriate statement, saying that they were over-promoting Use Somebody at the time, and they weren’t interested in having the song featured on a television show.  Just when I thought they handled this mess with class, their “asshole” drummer confirmed Ryan Murphy’s point, issuing a statement on twitter, saying, “Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go. See a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra. Zip your lip and focus on educating 7yr olds how to say f—.”  Need I point out that it’s completely disgusting to tell the openly homosexual Ryan Murphy to “get a manicure” and to “buy a bra”?  It’s a gay attack, which is far worse than calling someone an “asshole.”

UPDATE: Ryan Murphy responded to Nathan Followill’s tweet, calling it “homophobic” and “mean-spirited” at a time when “young gay men all over the country are killing themselves over hatred like this.”  Followill subsequently apologized.

UPDATE #2: I certainly hope that Kings of Leon plan to feature their songs on Glee, because no tweet on the planet will fix the PR mess Followill created for the band.

Golden Globes Recap: Glee’s Chris Colfer Wins the Night

Out of all the wins at the 2011 Golden Globes, Chris Colfer was my favorite.  Sure, I’m a biased Glee fan.  But he was both shocked and humble, which made me love him even more than I love his character on Glee.  Ryan Murphy recently said that he was most surprised by Colfer’s nomination, which explains Colfer’s exasperated look when they announced his name.  I really don’t think he expected to win, especially considering who he was up against.  But if you’ve paid any attention to his storyline this season, his character addresses gay bullying, which has been brought to our attention after recent tragedies in the news.  He deserved the win.  Congrats, Colfer.  Watch is speech below.

Does Waiving Your Celebrity Fee Really Count as Charity?

Celebrities are constantly signing up for gigs, and waiving their fee as a “charitable” gesture.  But does it really count as charity when you waive your payment?  Why not give your money out of your personal bank account instead — or perhaps match the fee?  Darren Criss, the new Gleek I often pick-on, performed at The Roxy over the weekend and donated the proceeds from the gig to charity.  He also signed autographs in exchange for audience members bringing toys-for-tots gifts.  And let’s not forget Idol Gives Back, which is perhaps the best example of all time.  American Idol hosts a charity show, and the huge ratings allow FOX to pocket a tremendous amount of money from the ad revenue.  But FOX doesn’t donate their ad revenue, and they instead air an entire show about how every American, except the FOX executives, should “give back.”  Americans wouldn’t need to “give back” if FOX, donated half their profit.  So am I a heartless prick that doesn’t appreciate a decent gesture, or am I correct?  As an aside, I didn’t think of this brilliant theory on my own.  The great Howard Stern said it during his famous Bill O’Reilly interview.  I’ve posted the very funny video below, and he begins to talk about Bill’s “chachkies” on minute 3:10.   And if you’re wondering why I chose Katy Perry as the picture for this post, I figured nothing says “charitable giving” like Katy Perry in a skimpy American flag outfit.


Has Glee’s Darren Criss Let Fame Go to His Head Already?

I hope I’m wrong about this, but since I’m never wrong, I doubt it.  Alright — that’s a joke — even The Dishmaster isn’t that egotistical.  Darren Criss is the new golden boy on Glee, and he’s been all over the news since his first appearance on the show singing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.  I’ve seen him in interviews since, and his head seems to be getting so big it just might explode.  So either I’m wrong and he needs a good PR person to help him circumvent that image, or his head really is too big.  I’m guessing it’s the latter.  I’m only posting this as a warning for him to be careful.  It’s a small industry, so image control is extremely important.  The guy is talented, but so are a lot of people.  Click the link below to watch his recent Rolling Stone interview, and look at the picture on the right to see the glasses he wore to the AMAs recently.  You tell me if I’m right.  I’ve also posted his brilliant rendition of Teenage Dream just to show that I’m capable of compliments. 

Darren Criss — Rolling Stone Interview