Jennifer Lopez Performs New Song on Fallon . . . In a Cape

While I usually like an over-the-top, sexy, attention-grabbing Jennifer Lopez, it feels wildly inappropriate while performing “Love Make The World Go Round” with Lin-Manuel Miranda for the Orlando shorting victims. She should not be dressed sexy on any level, and she should not embellish her performance with look-at-me facial expressions. I get it. That’s JLO, and we need to live our lives to “celebrate love,” but there’s a time and a place for this kind of display, and she, like Lin-Manuel Miranda, should be wearing jeans a t-shirt. Perhaps it’s just a styling issue and JLO”S team can’t bend outside of their comfort zone given the circumstance, but this is a major misfire. Watch below.

Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel Miranda Release New Song

Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel Miranda visited the today show to perform “Love Make the World Go Round,” with the proceeds benefiting the people impacted by Orlando. According to Lopez, she approached Miranda after hearing his speech at the Tonys, and rightfully so. Miranda is the best part of the song. And though I love Jennifer Lopez’s bangin’ bod, perhaps this is not the forum for a sheer side-panel and bare midriff? Watch the performance below.

Mariah Carey Addresses Jennifer Lopez Feud With Andy Cohen



Andy Cohen has cornered the market on fun interviews, and he officially wins the award for best talk show host after having asked both Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez for their individual takes on what’s become a hilarious feud. For those that are not aware, Carey made headlines when asked about Lopez, who she passively aggressively dismissed by saying she “did not know her.” Though Carey brushed off the reaction while talking to Cohen, the real truth is there is in fact a feud and it’s based on a complicated history between the dueling divas. Having said that, her response is very funny and worth a watch.

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Jennifer Lopez Discusses Divorce For W Magazine

When Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Marc Anthony ended, many assumed it was Anthony’s indiscretions that tanked their union. Though Lopez has remained relatively quiet about the cause, the writing has finally moved from the wall to W Magazine, where she spilled some secrets. The brunette beauty said that it was “not easy to find forgiveness,” after their divorce because “it wasn’t the dream that I had hoped for,” and although “it would have been easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment and anger,” she has since worked hard at creating a successful co-parenting relationship with her ex. For more, head on over to W Magazine.

Jennifer Lopez Releases Dr. Luke Produced ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

jennifer-lopez-aint-your-mamaThere’s a reason Sony stood behind Dr. Luke in Kesha’s contract battle and subsequent allegations of rape and verbal abuse, and it likely has more to do with his status as a money-making-machine than his moral character. In fact, he’s worth way more to Sony than Kesha is, and I’ve long surmised that they kept Kesha under contract via Dr. Luke’s insistence.  There are far more legal complexities than meet the eye, though. Kesha is signed to Luke’s label, and Luke is under contract with Sony, so even though Sony has insisted that they can’t release her, they have offered for her to work with another producer, which the courts think is enough. But if Sony doesn’t have the power to release her, as they claim, then how do they have the power to offer up a different producer? Wouldn’t that be Luke’s decision? And if you’re deciding whether to believe the pop star, perhaps you can navigate your judgment via social media, based on other celebrities who have and have not spoken up. One such celebrity in the latter category is Jennifer Lopez, who just released a catchy track that was co-written and produced by Dr. Luke. In fact, ‘Ain’t Your Mama” is ironically a pro-woman anthem.



Mariah Carey v. Jennifer Lopez: Timeline of a Feud


Despite my consistent digs at Mariah Carey, I’m a longtime fan, and I remember the original Mariah as a down-to-earth girl from New York that was in over her head in an unhealthy marriage, which simultaneously shackled her creativity. As soon as it ended, her real personality came through, and she became ever-the-more likable. Then . . . something changed. My guess is that the superstar could not adjust to the changing tide of social media, and she might also have thin skin. Her fashion choices stayed stagnant in over-the-top, glamorous gowns and her attempt to brush-off controversial questions resulted in an out-of-touch hand waves with excessive “Dah-Lings.” And for some time, that was Jennifer Lopez’s problem too. Anyone who has been in this business for over a decade is well aware of the drama that surrounded Lopez’s original team and their untouchable diva demands, which were often unknown by Lopez herself. She admits to making serious adjustments, and the impressive about-face was shockingly effective. After all, if her career can survive that Bennifer debacle, it can survive just about anything. So why did Lopez change and Mariah didn’t? Again, my guess is she cannot accept criticism, and in a recent on-the-street interview, she once again took aim at Lopez. As it turns out, Mariah might have reason to resent Lopez, but you’d never know it from her limited explanations, and as far as the public’s concerned, she just seems mean spirited. Here’s a timeline of their feud, and the reasons behind it.

2001: Jennifer Lopez allegedly stole Mariah Carey’s idea to sample Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Firecracker” for JLO’s hit song “I’m Real.” Mariah had planned to use the song for “Loverboy,” but Lopez beat her to the punch. Rumor has it Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola got wind of Mariah’s plan and orchestrated the theft for Lopez, who was his artist at the time.


2002: When asked about the stolen sample, Mariah said, “Let’s just say they did me a favor. And they know who they are. And thank you, sweetie. And your friend who did it with you!” Sources suggest that the “sweetie” in question is Jennifer Lopez, and the shady business gave Carey leverage to make an early exit from her Sony contract, which resulted in a huge new contract with EMI/Virgin.

2008: In an interview with a German television show, Mariah sang the praises of Beyonce, but when asked about Jennifer, she infamously said, “I don’t know her.”

2015: Mariah explains she was “just being honest,” and really doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez

2016: Mariah “Still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez”

2016: Jennifer Lopez visits Watch What Happens Live and won’t take Andy Cohen’s bait. She continued to deny any ill-feelings toward Mariah.

Leah Remini’s Scientology Interview: What We Learned

leah reminiLeah Remini’s exit from Scientology has long been documented, with the actress actively speaking out in nearly every forum imaginable. And while it’s certainly interesting to see such an outspoken person out the religion, she has not revealed anything that interesting or objectionable . . . until now. Her 20/20 sit-down was shocking, and it shed serious light on just how she entered this world in the first place. See a list of her standout revelations below.

  • She was only invited to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding so she would bring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, only to discover upon arrival that she was separated from her best friend for the entire event, which she presumes was an effort to convert the couple without Remini’s interference.
  • She inquired about the absence of the head of Scientology’s wife and filed a missing person’s report. Her behavior received a write-up from Katie Holmes herself, and Remini paid for it for months, with all-day hours inside the church that kept her from her family.
  • She participated in Sea Org as a child, doing manual labor and living in roach-infested lodgings.
  • She was removed from traditional schooling in eighth grade to attend Scientology school, with the sole focus on Scientology itself.
  • She has spent millions on the religion, having paid very high amounts to continue moving up each level.
  • Her entire family defected, including her mother, sister, and husband, because if they hadn’t, they would have been instructed to “disconnect” from the star, thereby extinguishing all contact.

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Birthday With Very Bold Dress

JLOHOTDRESSThe stars came out for Jennifer Lopez’s birthday bash, and by stars I mean the kind you get when you’ve been hit in the head with hotness and your vision is blurred for eternity. JLO rocked a curve-hugging, reveal-and-conceal dress with seductive cutouts and some serious ASSets. While some likened her bold Bao Tranchi dress to a similar Cushine et Ochs piece, the difference lies in the very daring details. And for all the ageist folks around town that have cried for a more conservative look for the 46th year old, perhaps they should let someone else stare at the sunlight. They don’t deserve it.

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Prince Royce’s New Video: Featuring Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

While I love some sexy JLO moves, her appearance in Prince Royce’s video alongside Pitbull is slightly tame for my taste. I’d like to see more complicated choreography, rather than a tired, open-mouthed gaze and stagnant posing. As for the song itself, it’s a little less catchy than it seems. His melody is so clipped it’s nearly impossible to dance to. If you don’t believe me, attach a snake to your arms and slither around your apartment like Britney (have I revealed too much?). Watch below.