Tabloid Gossip — Your Week’s Worth of News

Angelina Jolie and Billie Bob Thornton are still friends. YourTango

George Clooney is engaged. People

Columbus Short is leaving ‘Scandal.’ Us Magazine

Selena Gomez dumped the Jenner girls. TMZ

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis look happy together. Radar Online

Jodie Foster got married. HUFFPO

Cameron Diaz believes in monogamy. Rumor Fix

Cuba Gooding Jr. separated from his wife. PopCrunch

The Lindsay Lohan miscarriage drama continues. ICYDK

Malin Ackerman and Colin Egglesfield are engaged. RealityTVWorld

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera hate each other. Page Six

Katy Perry uses Tinder. Contact Music

Lindsay Lohan Had a Miscarriage — SAY WHAT?!

Lindsay Lohan is notorious for her litany of excuses, and the revelation about her miscarriage is no exception. Though empathy is important, the notorious tales about her unprofessional behavior cannot be undone with such devastating news, especially given that she never even divulged her health problems. In fact, there’s many ways to communicate an inability to perform while still protecting one’s private life. And on top of that, she admitted in the same package that she took Ayahuasca, a known psychedelic hallucinogen. Sure it’s a plant, but so is marijuana. In conclusion, I’d like to say that Lindsay Lohan’s recovery is still in a TBD status. As for whether she’ll have a true “comeback,” there’s always hope. And I’m rooting for her (pun intended).

Tabloid Gossip — Your Dirty Dish

Lindsay Lohan had a miscarriage. NYDN

Dave Grohl is having a third child. People

Zac Efron has a new girl. Wonderwall

Brandy broke off her engagement. Us Magazine

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are going strong. Rumor Fix

Neil Patrick Harris is a hot-tempered transgender. People

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera had some on-set drama. TMZ

Khloe Kardashian is cozying up to French Montana. E! Online

Justin Bartha had a baby. TV Guide

Is Richard Gere pouncing Padma? Page Six

Gwen Stefani is joining The Voice. Cinema Blend

Joey Fatone and Nick Carter can’t stop arguing. In Touch

Jenny McCarthy is engaged to Donnie Wahlberg. HUFFPO

Alex O’Loughlin is married. What’s New

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. Politico

Ryan Seacrest wants to leave American Idol. ICYDK

Lindsay Appears on The View — WATCH NOW

No one has ever doubted Lindsay Lohan’s charm, beauty, and talent. That being said, everyone has doubted her ability to make a comeback, considering her many inconsistencies. Sure sobriety is a life-long struggle, but bad behavior has consequences, and some of that bad behavior is irreparable. As for the media’s fascination with the raucous red-head, it’s a little hard to explain. The View joined that fascination with Lindsay’s guest appearance. So is she reformed? First I’d like to know if she showed up on time.

Rosie O’Donnell Calls Lindsay Lohan a “Tragedy”

If you have watched even five minutes of ‘Lindsay’ on OWN, you’ll immediately recognize that Lindsay Lohan has yet to fully surrender to her sobriety. And while her bad behavior is certainly tied to her addiction, it’s difficult to empathize with someone who disrespects her staff and the many executives who have exhausted her second chances. As for Oprah, I’m sure her intentions are pure, but one must question the morality behind documenting an addict’s demise for the purpose of entertainment. Apparently, Rosie O’Donnell agrees.

Lindsay Lohan’s Life Coach Quits — OWN

We are all intrinsic voyeurs, and while there’s a large part of us that wants to see people fail, there’s also a large part of us that wants to see people succeed. My guess is that Oprah has the latter affliction. She employed Lindsay Lohan for a “docu-series” shortly after Lindsay exited rehab, and though her intentions were pure, this was a poor decision all around. First, Lindsay should have lead a low-key life as she transitioned back to normalcy and sobriety. Second, the show has only served to prove all of Lindsay’s character failings. She yells at her staff, she cancels shoots at the expense of production, she lies on camera, and lastly, she throws temperamental fits like a spoiled child with stunted development. Her entire entourage enables her antics, and I’m guessing she’ll spend herself into bankruptcy pretty soon. Make no mistake. I know she’s an addict, and many addicts will relapse for years before finally staying sober. But given that Lindsay Lohan is spending the weekend at Coachella, my uneducated guess is that she’s not on the road to a successful turnaround. Sorry, Oprah. Watch a clip below.

Tabloid Summary — Your Week’s Worth of Dish

RHOBH alum Taylor Armstrong got hitched. Wet Paint

Snooki is pregnant again. What’s New

Haylie Duff is engaged. HUFF PO

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are engaged? Your Tango

Courtney Cox and her boyfriend are living in sin. Us Magazine

The Biggest Loser winner gained 25 pounds. NYDN

Lindsay Lohan’s on-set antics dates back to Mean Girls. Contact Music

Michael Strahan is joining GMA. E! Online

Sarah Gilbert and Linda Perry tied the knot. RumorFix

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are definitely “together.” TMZ

Bethenny Frankel is dating. People

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald separated. Mtv

Elton John is getting married. ICYDK

Miranda Kerr likes ladies. The Evening Standard

Naomi Campbell and Michael Fassbender are dating. Radar Online

Tabloid Gossip — Weekly Review — Celebrity News

James Franco didn’t hook up with Lindsay Lohan. Radar Online

Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes are at it again. GossipCop

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald split. UsMagazine

Zac Efron had some downtown drama. TMZ

A bachelorette baby is on the way. People

Grant Show had a girl. E! Online

Trace Adkins’ wife filed for divorce. Hollywood Life

Jason Aldean is dating the chick he cheated on his wife with. National Enquirer

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are “consciously uncoupling.” Slate

Carson Daly is going to be a dad again. Contact Music

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Patakay named their twins. ICYDK

Andrea Bocelli tied the knot. Yahoo!

George Clooney has a new squeeze. HUFFPO

Elizabeth Olsen is walking down the aisle. Celebuzz

Lindsay Lohan v. OWN Producers: Check Mate?

I find the Lindsay Lohan fascination confusing. First, she hasn’t had a successful film in years, and she’s made endless promises to the press about her recovery, most of which are premature. As for Oprah, while her intentions are probably pure, this seems like a lost cause. On her new OWN show, Lindsay has already had fights with production, made excuses for not having a sponsor, and insisted that her troubled friends are still allowed in her life. Watch the clip below to see one of the many heated exchanges.

Lindsay Lohan: “Until I F*** Up, You Can’t Assume I Am Going To”

After living in a New York City hotel for more than a month, Lindsay has finally found an apartment. She asks the production company filming her docuseries for an advance so she can put down the deposit. However, because Lindsay has not committed to a shooting schedule, director Amy Rice and executive producer Craig Piligian question her commitment, which Lindsay explicitly denies. “You can’t pull that s*** with me anymore,” she says. Watch the heated conversation and hear why Lindsay says she felt betrayed.

Linked In — Celebrity Gossip Rundown

Nikki Sixx got hitched. People

Jamie Lynn Spears is married. E! Online

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Elizabeth Olsen is engaged. Celebuzz

The Bachelor war rages on. Radar Online

Angelina Jolie plans to have another preventative cancer surgery. Hollywood Life

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are going strong. Wet Paint

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