#NURSESUNITE Against ‘The View’ — Is it Necessary?

nurse unite the viewLet me begin by confessing that I love nurses and I love Joy Behar, so if you anticipate bias, my loyalty is evenly matched. As for why I delayed in commenting on this drama, it’s because I thought it would die, but since it won’t — here goes.

The ladies of ‘The View’ poked fun at the Miss America pageant, which entailed joking about a nurse who skipped the traditional song and dance and instead wore her scrubs and used the stage to tell an emotional, personal story about how she impacted someone’s life and is more than “just a nurse.” The View panel poked fun, with Michelle Collins leading the charge, suggesting that her delivery was a little odd and she basically read her email on stage. Joy Behar then asked why she was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck.” The backlash was immediate, and advertisers have now pulled their products off the ABC lineup. The reason for the heated reaction is twofold. First, Miss Colorado’s speech was actually very good, and it was a refreshing alternative to the useless crap that Miss America usually pedals (see Jon Oliver video below — it’s last). And when something is that good, and the joke is so far off the mark, it’s going to land like a turd on a hot day. The second issue is that Joy asked about the stethoscope, which some have interpreted to mean that she suggested she wasn’t equipped to wear it. While I understand the criticism, I’ve watched the video numerous times, and I’m willing stand firm in the fact that it is NOT what Joy meant. She chimed in somewhat lazily, saw her in scrubs, and was confused — since it’s Miss America and she wasn’t wearing glitter and a bathing suit while twirling a baton. If anyone legitimately thinks that Joy Behar and The View panelists have hate in their heart, so be it. But if you’re attempting to burn someone’s house down because they threw a pebble at your window, I’d encourage more rational thought. If a construction worker walked on stage wearing a hard hat and carrying his hammer, wouldn’t the ladies say, “Hmm . . . why is he wearing that hard hat?” Would we then say they don’t respect construction workers. Wearing your work uniform on stage is unusual, and the first reaction will be one of inquiry.

In closing, I’d like to suggest that everyone seriously lighten up. People are constantly complaining about the perils of our PC culture, and this is precisely why. I began watching The View because the ladies boldly offered their raw perspectives on hot-button issues and were unafraid of the consequences. Issues like this suggest they are not allowed to make a mistake, which means the show will be irreparably compromised. Nurses deserve an incredible amount of respect. They deal with patients in their worst moments, and their role is vital. Do we seriously believe that The View thinks otherwise? Watch the videos below in succession, and judge for yourself.nurse unite the viewnurse unite the view






The View Hires Joy Behar — FINALLY Gets it Right

  Joy Behar, Full House star Candace Cameron Bure and Good Morning America Weekend co-anchor Paula Faris will join ‘The View,’ and it’s safe to say ABC learned their lesson the hard way. Behar was the show’s biggest draw, and despite their aching desire to revamp their brand in light of new competition, you can’t ditch your biggest joke teller and expect a great result. If you pay close attention to the audience during Behar’s commentary, it’s almost as if there’s a laugh track behind her. She’s comfortable, and her one-on-ones with Elisabeth Hasselbeck are legendary. I imagine Candace Cameron’s right-wing stance will serve to recreate that magic. Time will tell. 

The View Forced Rosie Perez to Apologize to Kelly Osbourne?

  While it struck me as odd that Rosie Perez would apologize to Kelly Osbourne over KELLY’S racist remark against Latinos, it never occurred to me that ‘The View’ forced her hand. According to new reports, producers cornered Rosie during a commercial break, insisting she stand up for Osbourne, and the heated exchange led to Rosie’s early exit. When Perez’s fan’s were understandably confused and outraged that she’d apologize for someone else’s racist remark, the story leaked.

I have a few general comments for ‘The View,’ in hopes that the powers that be are listening. If you micro-manage your stars and their raw reactions, you will get a very bad show, because that’s precisely the kind of behavior that shackles your panel. Second, your loyalty to Kelly Osbourne over your contracted employee is confusing, especially since she’s tied to a competing show on another network. Third, Kelly was wrong, and the clip going viral is only in your benefit. Tempering that reaction with an inauthentic apology only serves to squash the type of conversation that would generate the Bill Geddie ratings you garnered during the show’s peak. Fourth, get your shit together. Playing musical chairs ad nauseam with five hundred cooks in the kitchen is embarrassing. Perhaps ABC News isn’t the best option for your crown jewel after all.

Whoopi Goldberg Finally Admits Bill Cosby MIGHT be Guilty

  Whoopi Goldberg wisely took to ‘The View’ panel for a thorough rundown on all things Bill Cosby, after her defenses didn’t sit right with a worldwide audience. It’s long been suspected that Cosby and Goldberg are friends, and the EGOT-winning star has taken his side for loyalty’s sake, effectively dismissing the 40 women that have claimed rape.
Explaining that the only remedy is the “court of public opinion,” ABC’s Dan Abrams encouraged folks to push lawmakers to set aside the statue of limitations on rape cases. While I’m happy to see their conversation, Abrams neglected to point out why the statute of limitations exists. Its purpose is for protection, given that memories fade and evidence wanes over time, and it becomes more difficult for both the defense and prosecution to engage in a case with stale details decades later. That being said, I’m happy to see Goldberg finally admit that the evidence points toward guilt.

Raven Symone v. Candace Cameron Bure: Gay Marriage Debate

The View needs Candace Cameron Bure on its panel. Ratings are down, and their musical chairs extravaganza has yet to garner the viral hits of Elisabeth’s Hasselbeck’s crazy rants. Sure Cameron is a bigot who opposes gay marriage, but so are a lot of people, and just because she’s cringe-worthy doesn’t mean she won’t generate ratings.

In a debate with Raven Symone, Bure insisted that we should “respect opposing views” when referencing a bakery that was fined for illegally discriminating against gay people after refusing to bake a cake for their wedding. If that same bakery refused to bake a cake for a wedding between a black woman and a white man, would she ask that we grant the same respect? No, she wouldn’t. And using Jesus to justify this stance is not only ridiculous, it also suggest that Jesus hates people for who they love. Though I’m Jewish and don’t believe in Jesus, I’m guessing that if such a man exists, he’d love everyone equally.


  As a longtime fan and recent defector of ‘The View,’ I’ve left the loop on the co-host craziness. You can therefore imagine my surprise to discover that Raven-Symone has nabbed a coveted new spot on the panel. During her testing time on the show, Symone has often landed in hot water, most notably for a comment regarding Univision’s Rodner Figueroa likening Michelle Obama’s looks to ‘Planet of the Apes.’ At the time, Symone said, “Michelle, don’t fire me for this right now, but some people look like animals. Is that true?…I look like a bird. Can I be mad if somebody calls me Tucan Sam?” She also infamously told Oprah in 2014, “I’m not an African-American; I’m an American.” And let’s not forget her insistence that Harriet Tubman should not be on the $20 bill. 

I can only assume ‘The View’ is taking a left-of-center approach to its casting choice in hopes of shaking up a challenged format. Their musical chairs choices can only suggest a desperate need for reinvention, and this might do it. Like her or not, Symone generates headlines, which hasn’t happened since the Elisabeth Hasselbeck days. Good luck, guys.

Giuliana Rancic Denies Eating Disorder: WATCH NOW 

Giuliana Rancic does a good job of downplaying drama, but no level of word play will convince me that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. While I have no knowledge of whether her cancer medication actually causes weight loss, I do have the ability to recall empirical data, and that data suggests she was this thin prior to her illness. In fact, I distinctly remember her appearance on ‘The View’ discussing her fertility issues (prior to her cancer diagnosis), and Whoopi Goldberg specifically asked if she gained the weight her doctor suggested to help with fertility. Of the ten pounds she was told to gain, Rancic quietly admitted to having only gained “four pounds,” which was clearly a lie. When Whoopi reacted, Rancic said she “needed to fit into the show’s sample sizes,” at which point her husband rolled his eyes. I wish her the best, as she’s probably a good person, and I also don’t think a personal struggle is the public’s business. That being said, I seriously question her statements.

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Kathy Griffin on The View: Talks Fashion Police

Kathy Griffin is counted on for honesty, and she pulled no punches during an appearance on ‘The View,’ where she recounted Guiliana Rancic’s controversial comment about Zendaya during Fashion Police. Watch as Griffin reveals some truth behind the joke in question, which was apparently written for Rancic behind the scenes. 

Rosie O’Donnell Exits ‘The View’ in Musical Chairs Meltdown


Rosie O’Donnell exited ‘The View,’ and my patience for the show’s musical chairs chaos has now reached a boiling point. First, in no world would Whoopi and Rosie live peacefully on that panel, and any thoughts otherwise are recklessly stupid. Second, the behind-the-scenes bedlam that’s constantly reported in the New York Post is positioning the show as far less classy than it’s meant to portray, especially when it’s up against ‘The Talk,’ whose brand is the opposite. ‘The View’ is supposed to be caviar to ‘The Talk’s’ canned tuna, and it’s instead become imitation crab. Third, the producers need to get their shit together. If you pick a panel, you should stick with it. What you shouldn’t do is impatiently fire your hosts after they under-perform within weeks. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and they should trust their choices. If they don’t, then find new producers who can deliver their product on the first pass. That’s their job.

Rosie O’Donnell Divorces ‘The View’ and Wife

It’s no secret that Rosie O’Donnell is fundamentally incapable of playing in the pen with others, especially when that pen does not include her serving as host or producer. She’s a talented curator of all things creative, and when she’s not picking the product she’s peddling, she fights against the system. And while I believe her divorce and family-life have largely contributed to her current situation, my guess is she simply didn’t enjoy the work environment and wanted out. It would be nice if she was slightly more self-aware before committing to these projects, but so be it. I don’t like Rosie in a team-capacity anyhow. She’s a host, not a co-host, and you can’t clip a bird’s wings and expect it to soar. Good luck, Rosie.
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