Seth Meyers and Neal Brennan Visit Moviefone — WATCH NOW

Late night host Seth Meyers and The Approval Matrix host Neal Brennan visited Moviefone for an unscripted, behind-the-scenes take on their individual hosting style, along with some secret SNL tidbits. As for how Seth will approach his upcoming Emmy-hosting gig, you’ll have to watch below to find out. ENJOY!

Lena Dunham Hosts SNL — How’d She do?

Lena Dunham continues to grow on me. As the host of Saturday Night Live, she seemed incredibly at ease, delivering her lines as if she wrote them all herself. If she was nervous, it didn’t show. Watch her opening monologue, followed by my favorite sketch about an interrupting GPS.

Kristin Wiig Impersonates Harry Styles on Fallon — WATCH NOW


Though Jimmy Fallon might lack Jay Leno’s monologue mastery, he’s certainly superior in the sketch department. As a Saturday Night Live alum, Fallon knows how to keep it fresh, often asking his former cast mates for creative appearances on his show. Kristen Wiig captured the night with a horrible Harry Styles impression, which was so confusingly bad it was good. Click below to see Wiig chuck the English accent in favor of her own. Plus, she “sang.” Enjoy!

Lady Gaga Wants R. Kelly To “Do What He Wants” — Watch SNL Performance Now

For such a sexual song and dance, it’s ironic that Lady Gaga and R. Kelly have the sexual chemistry of mating snails. In fact, R. Kelly looked like he’d prefer not to touch Lady Gaga’s ass but thought, “Well, why not, it’s right in front of me.” Watch the very hilarious performance of ‘Do What You Want’ on Saturday Night Live.

Kerry Washington Fills the Black Hole on Saturday Night Live

The Dishmaster loves nothing more than when power players poke fun at themselves, and Saturday Night Live accomplished just that with Kerry Washington as its host. Washington’s skit addressed the often maligned SNL black-woman-casting-drought in a skit that forced her to play numerous black characters back-to-back. Watch below to see her spot-on Michelle Obama and Oprah, followed by some hilarious subtitles from SNL during her time off screen.

Edward Norton to Host Saturday Night Live — WATCH A PROMO

In a move The Dishmaster never saw coming, the notoriously humorless Edward Norton will be hosting Saturday Night Live on October 26th, with special guest Janelle Monae. I’m actually elated by the decision, and I think it’s an incredibly strategic career move for Norton, who I predict will do well. It’s always the serious ones who surprise you.

Watch a promo for his appearance below.

Miley Cyrus Sings on SNL — Slays It

Though I’ve boarded the Miley Cyrus hate train in the past, even The Dishmaster changes her mind from time to time. She killed it on Saturday Night Live, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. Doubling as a host and musical guest, she performed her two biggest hits. Watch below.

Homeland Season Three Premiere — A Full Review

Fifteen minutes into the premiere of Homeland, it became clear to me that real threat isn’t to the country — it’s to the show itself. With two seasons dedicated exclusively to Brody (Damian Lewis), it’s now nearly impossible to move forward.

In a recent Los Angeles Times’ piece, the source of the flaws became more apparent. First, Brody was originally intended as a one-season centerpiece, and his popularity forced the writers to change their trajectory with very little time. Second, they lost two Executive Producers (one left to shoot The Bridge, and another sadly passed away).

The season three premiere of Homeland suggests that Damien Lewis’ character will no longer play a central role, and the real focus will switch to Claire Danes, whose relationship with Brody is publicly called into question, along with her mental health, her friendship with Saul, and the overall competence of the CIA.. It remains to be seen whether the audience can invest as heavily in another terrorist plot, given the dire lack of sub-plots in the first two seasons. As for Carrie, something tells me another Saturday Night Live skit dedicated to her excessive tears is coming soon. Though I will suspend disbelief, I won’t hang from a mental trapeze while doing in-air somersaults. I’m too old for cartoons.

The Demise of Kanye West — What Went Wrong?

Hollywood gives all its players a chance to re-live high school . . . the good way. Everyone has six degrees of separation, and that includes A-listers. If you emit disrespect in any capacity — word gets around. Shockingly, this close click of insiders tell me that Kanye West is actually a nice guy. Though it’s seemingly shocking at first glance, further inquiry sheds some light on his current darkness. In short? The man can’t handle the media.

With every attack, Kanye trades humility for haughtiness, pounding his chest while screaming about his world domination. My arm-chair psychology degree tells me that the man is simply insecure, and with each jab, he throws a boulder. His recent outrage surrounds Jimmy Kimmel, who made fun of the rapper’s recent BBC 1 interview (see below), using children to reenact his pompous declarations. I can only assume Kimmel thought of children because Kanye was in fact acting like a spoiled child, whining about his legos while slamming the floor.

Many people speculate that Kanye’s demise began with his mother’s passing, assuming she reeled in these rants. Since then, it can also be assumed that he’s surrounded himself with “yes-men,” and only agrees to do interviews where he may speak freely (he was sandbagged by Matt Lauer — and never quite recovered). My advice to Kanye West is to dismantle his twitter, find some real friends to reign him in, and to host Saturday Night Live. If that doesn’t work — call Alec Baldwin. He’s a master at cleaning up his temper tantrums — and Kanye can learn a thing or two.